Creates New Design Section To Discuss Artistic Underpinnings of Practical Work

Landscaping isn’t just mowing, mulching and gutter cleaning; Stylish Landscaping provides an artistic service that transforms spaces thanks to a unique design mindset newly described on their website.

Landscaping is often thought of as simply heightened gardening, evening out or replacing surfaces and taking care of plants and features. However, landscaping can be so much more, and creative companies that offer added value are highly sought after. One of the most in demand is Stylish Landscaping, who offer full scale exterior design as part of their service, and can transform outdoor spaces with a huge array of tools to turn a garden into an experiential hideaway. The site has just published more information on their design philosophy so clients can get a clearer understanding of their approach.

The new section explains that Stylish Landscaping believe in beautifying the surroundings of the home in such a way that creates a living journey balanced by islanded spaces. This provides a combination of open and private, creating communal spaces as well as those for private reflection or indulgence.

The new section speaks to the company’s commitment to artful maintenance as well as design from the ground up, and fills in readers on the comprehensive tools and approaches they have available to not just redefine spaces anew but to recondition existing spaces, making them ideal for both upkeep and landscape design in Melbourne.

A spokesperson for Stylish Landscaping explained, “We understand that while pictures say a thousand words, what words they are depend on the eye of the beholder- we wanted to clarify our position and approach so that those looking at our portfolio were on the same page and could see the level of insight that goes into what we do. From there, people can use the existing images simply as inspiration, and think about how our design philosophy might apply to their own space to get their creative juices flowing. From there we can furnish them with a free consultation and quote to begin our partnership in the best way.”

About Stylish Landscaping: Stylish Landscaping transform outdoor spaces to uniquely reflect their clients’ chosen outdoor lifestyle. They offer great advice from expert Landscape Architects and Designers, and are capable of designing a garden plan to match budget and resources that will get the best from the land available. Stylish Landscaping offer free consultation and quotes for all.

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