Studio Z Launches Virtual Photo Booth

Photo booth experts unveil a brand new product that offers a unique take on classic photo booths in the modern age.

2020 is a year full of surprises and massive events. It will be the year that everyone looks back on as a time where everything started to change. Nowadays, it's rare to see people congregating for an event - unless it's socially distanced. As a result, the way people live their lives has taken a dramatic shift, with digital technologies taking centre stage.

Studio Z Photo Booths is an innovative business that's adapted well to the current climate. Its business model largely revolves around delivering photo booths to clients for parties and other events. In this day and age, that's not as possible as it once was. So, the company has released a brand new Virtual Photo Booth that's revolutionized the industry.

A browsed-based virtual photo booth
The product is based on the concept that businesses and individuals are being more socially distant. People are connecting virtually, rather than in the flesh. Studio Z has given individuals and companies a chance to host special events without meeting in-person. The Virtual Photo Booth is entirely browser-based and allows people to take numerous images via any device. As long as the device has a camera and can access a browser, Virtual Photo Booth can be used.

No installation is required, and no apps have to be downloaded. It offers a fully branded experience with various different themes and filters available. Effectively, it offers everything a traditional photo booth has, but online. There's even a Contest Mode to drive guest and customer engagement by awarding prizes randomly to users.
A must-have for digital campaigns
Studio Z is marketing this product in the commercial/corporate sector. It's seen as a great tool to use for digital campaigns, encouraging customers to connect with the business. However, it also serves a use for online office parties or Zoom meetings. The product's diversity is what makes it so useful, and it can be fully scaled for small events or nationwide campaigns.

Businesses that utilize the Virtual Photo Booth will also be able to collect email addresses and measure usage. There's a full analytics section tacked onto the product, allowing companies to quantify the success.

About Studio Z Photo Booths
Studio Z is at the forefront of creating engaging content for clients and guests. The business primarily focuses on photo booths, and it has developed many innovative solutions over the years. The team at Studio Z continues to set high standards with ideas such a GIF Booths, Boomerang Booths, and Slow Motion Video. With the Virtual Photo Booth introduction, Studio Z announces itself once again as the frontrunner in photo booth innovation. The company is intent on offering a unique service for each customer, providing custom experiences wherever possible. With a stack of top-of-the-range photo technology to choose from, it's no wonder this business continues to revolutionize the industry.

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