Students Handmade Skincare Products Hit Global Sales Within Hours Of Being Released

Originally created by a college student in his kitchen, the new products hit international sales after being highlighted on a news segment Friday morning.

On an endless quest to find the secret to staying young forever, consumers spend billions of dollars a year trying to maintain youthful looking skin.

Just this past Friday, reaching almost 100 million households, ‘NewsWatch Tv’ premiered its first on-air review of the latest handmade skincare products by 26-year-old Ryan Zamo. Surrounding the story of his extraordinary success over the past year, the segment showcased the young entrepreneurs newest products, helping to pull in international sales within hours of airing.

Just last year, the 25-year-old began selling his organic skincare products at local farmers markets, attracting consumers with his unprecedented low pricing, saying “I really didn’t think much about my products when I first made them. I mean, to the person who creates them they’re obviously the best thing ever, but it’s kind of like everyone thinking they have the worlds greatest pet”.

The 26-year-old, unknowingly at the time, was raised around the knowledge that would one day land him as an international success. The key to his success is his parent’s deep-rooted history in organics, his mother a longtime plant biologist and horticulturist and his father a native of Budapest, Hungary.

With the help of NewsWatch TV, the newest organic skincare products have skyrocketed to astronomical success overnight. The segment aired on October 16, 2015, on NewsWatch TV, part of the ION And Discovery Channel Network.

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