Stratos Jets Charters are Now Offering their Customers a Supplementary Streamlined Service in 2019

With technology offering innovative ways to get business travelers where they need to be, companies like private jet charter firm Stratos Jets are stepping up to offer more convenience and better service than ever with innovative new platforms and applications.

Corporate travel isn’t a new term. In fact, for those who have to do it, it can be much less glamorous than people think. When it is vital for an employee to get to where they need to be, the priority is always a seamless service that takes the pain out of the logistics of organizing and paying for travel, and the travel itself. In 2019, travel companies that serve the business travel market are highly motivated to offer the best means of booking to customers, and the most comfortable travel options, to boot. This often involves making innovative use of technology to do so.

Stratos Jets Charters, for example, are now proud to offer their customers a more streamlined service than was previously possible. Stratos Jets has been offering its private jet charter services for over a decade. The company’s newest feature, the Stratos Air Charter Marketplace, makes the experience of arranging a chartered private jet flight more convenient than ever before. The Stratos Air Charter Marketplace offered by Stratos Jets now makes it easier than ever for travelers to quickly find safe flights, with transparent pricing. With this platform, users can now access the most competitive quotes, with information taken from leading quoting and scheduling platforms used by air carriers.

Additionally, customers can find out about the latest empty leg flights, allowing them to capitalize on unoccupied private jets when and where applicable. What’s more, the platform also allows users to preview the operational background and safety history of every aircraft quoted for a chosen trip. The Stratos Air Charter Marketplace also allows customers instant access to all the needs of a private jet traveler; from pricing to a detailed itinerary, or a complete history of travels, Stratos Jets latest platform ensures customers will have it all, at the touch of a button.

Another prime example of how business travel is changing is the ubiquity of rideshare apps. While these can be a great solution for people looking for a cheap and easy alternative to traditional cabs, the adaptations specific firms have made to serve the business market show that the app can also have a place for those traveling for corporate reasons. A business account with a rideshare service makes it easy for people traveling within their own city for work-related appointments to book and invoice for reliable driving services, and to have the knowledge that even short notice trips can be easily arranged.
Private jet travel booking platforms and taxi booking apps are just two examples of how businesses have adapted to improve the services they offer to their customers. Corporate travel has never been more popular, or simpler to organize, thanks to innovative companies such as Stratos Jets. It will be interesting to see how the adoption of technologies still in their infancy will go on to help business travel evolve in the next decade or two.

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