StrategicDB Launches New Data Deduplication Tool To Improve Data Quality

StrategicDB has created a new data deduplication tool which will ensure a higher data integrity in your CRMs and Marketing Automation Tools.

StrategicDB has launched their new data deduplication tool, that can clean any marketing or sales data and ensure the best possible accuracy by identifying and removing duplicated records.

The new deduplication software enables users to identify duplicates and establish master (surviving) records based on a business’s own prescribed rules. As long as the dataset which is uploaded to the deduping tool has the fields that you want to use to identify duplicates and master/merge the tool will be able to match your business rules.

Unlike other tools of this kind, StrategicDB gives users the freedom to select their own de-duplication rules and “Master”/ “Merge” rules. The deduplication tool standardizes Country, States and Website to improve match rates. This flexibility allows the program to handle all datasets based on the rules and requirements set by the business.

The website has a comprehensive overview of how the data deduplication software works, and the advantages of de-duping. The tool is a part of data cleansing services provided by the company. They aim to make marketing and sales data as actionable as possible, to boost the productivity of marketing and sales teams. Other services include: data standardization, data appending/enhancing and other data cleaning services.

A spokesperson for StrategicDB stated: “We are thrilled to be able to launch this new deduping tool, which is available for use to any business that have marketing or sales records that need to be deduped. The uniqueness of this deduping tool compared to other data deduplication tools is that it enables users to set their own terms for deduplication, making it the most flexible and applicable tool of its type available. Now, businesses will be able to de-dupe their records with unparalleled accuracy.”

About StrategicDB: StrategicDB Corporation believes that everything starts with clean data. They are a full-service data cleansing company which helps businesses tailor their data cleaning projects. They work with both start-ups and enterprise level clients to clean their sales and marketing data.

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