Strategic Golfer Launches New Website

The site is aimed at helping golfers avoid common mistakes and improve their overall game, reports

Strategic Golfer, an online community dedicated to golf enthusiasts, has recently announced the launch of their new website. Strategic Golfer was born out of Alex Dunu’s love of the competitive sport of golf and is aimed at helping golfers of all skill levels avoid common mistakes and improve their overall game. The site also provides reviews on the latest products and apps to help golfers get better at what they do.

Alex Dunu, creator and lead writer at Strategic Golfer, stated “The simple truth is that golf is a great sport. It brings together elements of friendly competition while also allowing people to build and strengthen relationships. Unfortunately, it also takes a great deal of skill to learn, and it’s important that golfers take tips from people who love the game and know what they’re doing. This is why we created Strategic Golfer. At our website, both beginner and advanced golfers can get step-by-step guidance and tips on how to avoid rookie mistakes and improve their game in a way they never thought they could.”

Strategic Golfer provides more than just golf tips and how-to guides. The site also provides in-depth reviews on everything from the best golf swing trainer to the best golf swing smartphone apps. Each review has been written with golfers in mind, going over every important detail of the product and ensuring that readers know the pros and cons associated with using it. Strategic Golf readers will also learn where they can buy their training gear for the best prices on the market.

As Dunu goes on to say, “Whether we’re making a recommendation for the best golf swing analyzer or showing golfers how to use a training app, our team sincerely believes that we have the best golfing advice in the industry. We are excited about the launch of this website and look forward to helping people improve at the sport they have come to love so much.”

Those who want to check out what Strategic Golfer has to offer can visit the site at

About Strategic Golfer:

Strategic Golfer was born out of Alex Dunu’s devotion to the competitive sport of golf. After seeing so many beginners make the same mistakes, he made the decision to create a website to help them correct them. At Strategic Golfer, Alex offers advice along with recommendations on the latest equipment and apps that will help tremendously improve anyone’s game.

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