Strata EXC Fuses Simplicity & Innovation, Unveiling Financial Blockchain Solutions for Businesses Across the Globe

From card, coin, and crypto solutions to utility driven apps and functionalities that deliver true value to businesses across the world, Strata EXC is revolutionizing Fintech solutions with the blockchain as their core engine. 

Building upon a deep expertise in finance, transaction systems, crypto based solutions, asset tokenization, Web3, card issuing and beyond, Strata EXC is democratizing access to money movement on a global scale. Whitelabeling capabilities are core to the Strata EXC mission, as they aim to develop a global framework for fintech apps that allow businesses to invest in growth without having to build all the necessary infrastructure.

In fact, Strata has set out to provide a one-stop shop for their clients where they can connect features and receive/disburse funds in any currency, issue cards, expand wallet capabilities, manage KYC and compliance procedures, establish their crypto tokens for payments, monetize assets - all without worrying about local regulatory issues or crypto licensing in the global markets. In delivering full-stack financial and commerce solutions that go beyond one-off offerings, Strata is able to build out the "Fintech-as-a-Service" model, whereby clients can integrate solutions and features into any application or use their desired features on a standalone basis. 

Among the products offered by Strata EXC, the payment solutions engineered by the Strata team are truly stand-out products. They integrate convenient, reliable, and integrated options to make international financial transactions seamless and straightforward. The result is frictionless commerce on a global scale with a payment platform and card capabilities that are highly secure, simple, and powerful. Furthermore, spending cryptocurrency is now easier than ever, as Strata boasts a full range of crypto debit card partners, allowing users to spend over 40 of the most popular cryptocurrencies at over 53 million businesses worldwide.

The Strata mobile and desktop app also stands out as a cutting-edge solution that offers features such as a digital assets exchange, an NFT trading platform, wallet solutions, liquidity solutions, and asset custody solutions. Easy to integrate and built for scalability, the Strata solutions are made to empower businesses at every level. 

In addition, Strata EXC has introduced the AEXC Whitelabel Token, which has the capability of creating standalone platform coins, ERC-20 tokens, non-fungible token contracts, whitelabeling, the AEXC solution, and more. With options including the tokenization of any asset, the ability to create a coin, as well as an expertly-driven ICO approach strategy, Strata EXC is pioneering the convergence of business, blockchain, and finance under one roof.

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About Strata EXC Corp
At Strata EXC Corp, we provide our clients with a complete solution for expanding their businesses into the global markets. We offer a one-stop shop for connecting features, managing KYC and compliance procedures, issuing cards, receiving/disbursing funds in any currency, establishing crypto tokens for payments, and monetizing assets--all without worrying about local regulatory issues or crypto know-how. With Strata's "Fintech-as-a-Service" solution, you can get ahead of the competition by embedding a total commerce and financial services solution into any application or using it as a stand-alone service. Rather than using unlinked solutions and causing a never-ending development process, this is a much better method. Contact us today for more information

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