Store It Introduces New Collapsible Storage Cube at Amazon

New product easily collapses down when not in use, then quickly unfolds to accept up to nine pounds of items, Store It reports

Store It, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality household storage solutions, launched a new collapsible storage cube at With tough, resilient, non-woven polypropylene construction and strengthened side handles, the foldable storage cube holds up to 9 pounds, packing down into a compact form when not needed. The lightweight, affordable new product was designed after careful consideration of the existing options on the market and intensive research into the real-world needs of consumers.

"We're proud to report that our brand-new foldable basket storage cube is now available at Amazon," Store It representative Zsolt Bicskey said, "We put a lot of work into designing the best product of this kind, and we're happy to say all that effort really paid off. Buyers can count on the same uncompromising quality that they have come to expect from Store It and at a price that will not break the bank."

Household clutter can seem like an inevitable outcome of a consumer-driven society, and it comes with real costs and downsides. The National Soap and Detergent Association, for example, estimates that 40 percent of all housework stems from the need to manage and clean up clutter, meaning that Americans devote billions of hours every year to these often-unpleasant tasks. The National Association of Professional Organizers takes what could be seen as an even more pessimistic view, reporting that the average American will ultimately spend a full year of their life searching for items lost to clutter and disorganization.

Store It is a top source of effective, affordable assistance for those who prefer not to settle for this unfortunate state of affairs. With a wide range of carefully designed products that aim at making home storage as convenient and lifestyle-aware as possible, the company is a leading producer of storage cubes and similar items.

One problem commonly reported by those seeking to better organize their possessions and lives is that storage solutions can contribute to clutter of their own. Since it is rarely possible to precisely match storage capacity to the volume of items to be stored, shelves and other storage accessories often stand empty, taking up valuable space and actually contributing to the problem of clutter.

The new Store It collapsible storage cubes overcome this drawback, while still offering highly usable storage capacity. Easily folding up into wafer-thin packages when not in use, the cubes can be kept in a minimum of space. When the need for more storage arises, a quick unfolding leaves a cube ready to accept up to 9 pounds of possessions and for stacking with others. The new Store It storage cubes are now available at

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