Stop Sweat Solutions Reviews SweatBlock Product To Prevent Profuse Perspiration

Stop Sweat Solutions has created a definitive review of the SweatBlock product featured on Rachel Ray to give those who suffer from excessive sweating an impartial guide to the product.

Sweating is a fact of life for everyone, but the degree to which people sweat varies hugely from person to person. For those in the higher percentiles of the spectrum this can be a difficult thing to deal with and can cause embarrassment, self-consciousness and social anxiety. Many people wondering how to sweat less try conventional solutions like antiperspirant but find them lacking, and do not know where to turn next. Stop Sweat Solutions was created to provide an answer to that problem. The site has most recently reviewed SweatBlock, a product featured on TV that claims to eliminate sweating a week at a time.

SweatBlock is what is called a clinical antiperspirant, designed to be used by those suffering from Hyperhidrosis. The product contains an active ingredient of 14% strength aluminum chloride hexahydrite that has been added to a solution that permeates the soft towelettes used to apply the solution.

The product only needs to be used once a week because it is so powerful, and can be applied to the underarms, back or forehead to eliminate sweating in these problem regions. The site provides a suite of multimedia to explain more about the product and its uses, including video of the product’s feature on Rachel Ray and a video on how to get the best results from the product.

A spokesperson for Stop Sweat Solutions explained, “We want to help people understand how to stop underarm sweating, which is why we will recommend a product when we find it really works. These products are available on the commercial market now and are not only for those who suffer a medical condition, making them ideal for creating a great impression in job interviews or when public speaking, projecting an air of confidence by removing one of the main cues to nervousness.”

About Stop Sweat Solutions:
Stop Sweat Solutions is a product review site that specializes in reviewing solutions for those who suffer from profuse sweating, which can cause self consciousness and social anxieties. The site reviews each product independently and comprehensively, creating a resource center for sufferers to determine the right treatment approach for them without having to resort to drastic surgeries.

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