STO+G Singapore Offers Keyhole Surgery To Help Effectively Overcome Endometriosis

STO+G is a private gynaecologist clinic in Singapore led by leading Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr. Steven Teo, who offers keyhole surgery as a minimally invasive solution to endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition that affects millions of women around the world, and occurs when the tissues found in the womb lining grow outside the womb, in other areas around the abdomen. Endometriosis can cause serious problems, including persistent exhaustion and discomfort, rectal bleeding, and even coughing up blood. It causes pain during and after sex, and makes it more difficult to become pregnant. There is no known cure for endometriosis, but thanks to advanced surgical practices, it is possible for it to be treated. STO+G is one of Singapore’s leading gynaecologist practices, and Dr. Steven Teo is now offering keyhole surgery for endometriosis and other conditions.

Keyhole surgery, or a Laparoscopy, enables Dr. Teo to access the woman’s pelvis in a minimally invasive manner, offering shorter hospitalization and faster recovery, with minimal scarring. Dr. Teo trained in Sydney to learn the techniques, and now involved in teaching laparoscopy at various workshops and restructured hospitals in Singapore. For selected cases, he is also able to perform these procedures with a single keyhole buried in the belly button, resulting in an essentially scarless surgery for the best cosmetic outcome.

The laparoscopy ( can be used for endometriosis, and is also invaluable in the removal of fibroids, ovarian cysts, polyps, and even the re-joining of damaged fallopian tubes. This is just one of many of the advanced procedures that are made possible by the industry leading practice.

Whether that is to minimize the symptoms of the condition or to improve the woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Our practice is able to deliver this treatment with the best possible outcomes. Providing the best keyhole surgery Singapore women could wish for takes a huge amount of skill and experience, and we are incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Steven Teo on our team. We understand that dealing with fertility issues can be difficult and even traumatic, so we pride ourselves on a caring and compassionate approach that puts patients first.”

About STO+G: STO+G specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, and offers a complete women’s healthcare service. Understanding and compassion, matched with highly developed skills and knowledge, makes STO+G a truly distinguished practice. Led by Dr. Steven Teo, the practice can aid women with fertility, pregnancy, family planning and termination.

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