Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Oxford Ltd. Reports High Energy Bills Are Coming

Steve Cross announces that ground-source heat pumps are one way to combat the upcoming fuel price increases.

Ofgem, the United Kingdom energy regulator, believes households will face higher energy bills in the foreseeable future. A number of reasons account for this increase, including the over-reliance of the country on imported gas, dwindling North Sea reserves and ageing power stations being taken out of operation sooner than expected. The average duel fuel bill in the country increased 18% between 2009 and 2012 and experts expect the country's reliance on gas to significantly increase. Home owners looking for a way to decrease energy bills before prices go up should consider making the switch to a ground-source heat pump, Julia Cross of Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Oxford Ltd explains.

The earth maintains a constant temperature a few feet below its surface no matter what the current air temperature is. Ground source heat pumps use this consistency to heat and cool rooms as they use the temperature as the exchange medium rather than the temperature of the outside air. By doing so, ground source heat pumps operate more efficiently than air-source heat pumps, anywhere from 300% to 600% more efficient on cold nights. Air-source heat pumps are only 175% to 250% efficient on the same days.

During summer months, the ground temperature remains cooler than the above air while in the winter the ground temperature stays warmer. A heat pump of this type exchanges heat with the earth using a ground heat exchanger. In addition to being able to heat and cool the home, some units supply the home with hot water. The machines tend to last longer than their air-source counterparts, they are quieter during operation and require little maintenance.

Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Oxford Ltd. ( dedicates itself to ensuring clients receive the maximum efficiency and performance from their new heating system. Each bespoke system is designed especially for the client to optimise the new installation with the goal being to find the best solution for the client while remaining within his or her budget. According to Julia Cross of, now is the time to look at home energy bills and find ways to reduce them before this increases occurs and a ground-source heat pump is a great way to cut back on energy costs.

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