Steal 4 Key PGA Sports Psychology Techniques Used by Justin Rose to Win the 2013 US Open

The tough course at Marion got the best of Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and the rest of the PGA field where no one finished under par. Only Justin Rose was left at 1 over par.

Congratulations to Justin Rose and his steady play to win the 2013 PGA's U.S. Open at Merion says Todd Stofka, Sports Psychology Expert. The tough course at Marion got the best of Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and the rest of the PGA field where no one finished under par.

4 Key PGA Sports Psychology Techniques that can be used to improve play.

1. Top players learn to play a consistent game. Consistency comes by having repeatable thinking, emotions and behavior throughout all the rounds. Focus comes by having a consistent pre-shot routine. The best players manage their mistakes and learn simple golf psychology like this routine and learn to stop when interrupted to take three deep breaths and start again from the beginning.

2. The skill of managing thoughts enables a player to slow down and take their time. It's key to utilize a practiced pace throughout the game. This counts when making a shot, swinging the club, and walking between shots. Rushing can lead to mistakes. Mistakes can lead to unnecessary errors and extra strokes.

3. Concentration and focus. Top players learn to focus on what they want the shot to do. They see and hit the target by learning that the only shot that can be played is the shot at hand. Stofka says one way to refocus the mind is to use breathing and to be totally present. When in the moment, it's easier to commit to a shot one-hundred percent. Learning that if the shot does not look or feel right, then the player must start again.

4. Keeping the mind and body relaxed. When playing “in the zone,” the player finds less can be more. Balancing emotional energy and physical energy is the key because the round may last 4 to 5 hours. "A key trait is learning to trust your swing. Speak to yourself – relax – that’s right. See the shot, hit the shot.", said Stofka.

If any of these mental golf skills are not up to par, seek out a golf psychology specialist so that the best game can be played.

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