STD Authority Introduces Convenient And Comprehensive STD Panel Tests

STD Authority, based in the United States, has introduced an easy and comprehensive STD panel test that expects to benefit hundreds of US citizens. There are over 4500 test centers to choose from and the company assures 100% confidentiality.

STD Authority, Unites States, has introduced a new comprehensive STD panel test for 10 of the most common diseases that are likely to transfer through sexual contacts. The tests will be conducted in complete privacy and discretion without any involvement of third parties. News sources claims that this comprehensive test will include all the 10 manor bacterial and viral STDs in Unites States- Hepatitis A, B & C; Herpes I & II; Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV 1 & 2.

Officials asserted that the comprehensive STD panel test procedure will involve new age medical technology. On making the online payment of the test charges, the individual will receive an appointment at the nearest laboratory.

The website has opened multiple payment options for customers. Apart from debit and credit cards, provisions are there for gift cards, eChecks, HSAa and FSAs. However, Health Insurance payment option has been kept out of the list for the purpose of confidentiality.

STD Authority has tie-ups with over 4,500 test centers. After tracking the zip code of the client, he or she will receive appointment at the nearest laboratory. No client of STD Authority will face any questions from the laboratory personnel or third parties.

“STDs are very common in the United States. But most people shy away from taking lab tests in order to avoid embarrassments” said the CEO. “However, knowing the derogatory impact of STDs if left unchecked, we have arranged for this discreet yet convenient method of lab testing. Our test panels are comprehensive and affordable.”

Apart from the 10 tests mentioned above, interested people can also include the HIV RNA early detection. STD Authority is the only FDA approved service provider offering this advanced HIV detection examination.

As per official statements, clients will receive their respective test results within 2 days. If any test finds positive results, that particular person will receive doctor’s consultation over the phone for free. Facilities such as these are expected to benefit hundreds of US citizens who have kept away from STD checkups so far for the issue of privacy.

STD Authority mentioned that the charges for this comprehensive STD panel test will be below $200. However, there are attractive discounts available on the site that will reduce the rates comprehensibly.

This first of its kind medical venture is expected to gain massive popularity among US citizens. Only time will reveal how effective this scheme turns out to be.

About the company:

STD Authority is an online agency that links US citizens with over 4500 laboratory centers for sexually transmitted disease detection tests. Based on 4820 reviews, the company has received an overall rating of 9.8 out of 10. With the new comprehensive STD panel test, they are hoping to escalate their brand name throughout America.

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