StarStuded Dating: The Fool-Proof Formula for Success

StarStuded connect influencers and celebrities with non-celebrities.

It’s not every day the opportunity to date a celebrity arises. StarStuded is the dating app that’s bucking that trend. In fact, by providing its users the opportunity to rub noses with verified A-Z listers, it’s quickly joining the ranks of top dating sites. Here are some tried & tested tips to perfect your StarStuded dating strategy and guarantee matches.

1. Be consistent
In today’s dating scene, being glued to your phone is generally considered a bad look. However, when it comes to hunting down celebrity matches on StarStuded, the opposite may be the case. From our use of the dating site, we found that its algorithm reacts favorably to regular use. In short, the more you give to the site, the more it gives back.

2. Leave no stone unturned
If you want to get your profile in front of as many celebrities as possible, you’ll have to put the effort in. That means filling out every possible section available in your profile. So, if you’re thinking of skipping the bio, don’t. The StarStuded algorithm will likely register your profile as bot-made and demote you to near invisibility.

3. Leverage star likes
Star likes are your one-way ticket to the top of every celebrity’s “likes” list. By star liking a profile that’s caught your eye, you jump ahead of everyone else that’s already liked the profile, giving you the best chance of being seen.

4. Don’t miss out on game-changing opportunities with StarStuded Stellar
This StarStuded Stellar subscription can triple your chance of securing a match! By availing of this upgraded feature, you get three instead of a single celebrity opening every day!

About StarStuded
StarStuded connect influencers and celebrities with non-celebrities.
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