StarBrite Dental Takes Part in Digitally Enhance Your Smile Competition

StarBrite Dental are competing in the Digitally Enhance Your Smile Competition to try and create the most digitally enhanced smile selfies among Rockland practices.

LumiSmile has created a new digital enhancement service which allows people to preview a digitally enhanced version of themselves after undergoing the LumiSmile treatment, which helps demonstrate the possibilities for the treatment option. StarBrite Dental is taking part in a Digitally Enhance Your Smile Competition to create and distribute the most dentally digitally enhanced selfies to potential patients, and if they win, the services become discounted at the practice. They will be using the advanced technology from LumiSmile to produce the digitally enhanced selfies which illustrate how a patient’s smile could look.

All people have to do is take a photograph of themselves on their smartphone from fourteen inches away or more demonstrating their clear and open smile. They can then email this photo to StarBrite Dental and they will respond with a LumiSmile enhanced selfie demonstrating what individuals could look like after undergoing the treatment.

The no-cost digital smile analysis allows people to see a preview of what a difference the treatment could make, which is why it is a powerful and effective promotional tool, and is part of why LumiSmile are encouraging dental practices to maximize the number of people they provide an enhanced portrait to.

A spokesperson for StarBrite Dental explained, “Taking a smiling selfie and sending it to us is all part of the fun for the competition but it underlines a more serious mission, which is to use digital technology to demonstrate how a LumiSmile treatment can help individuals improve their image, confidence and smile through the proposed treatment option. In order to help us win the competition, visitors to the site need only snap a selfie and email it to us to be furnished with a digitally rendered copy of what they can look like after undergoing LumiSmile treatment, which includes not only whitening and polishing but straightening too.”

About StarBrite Dental:
StarBrite Dental has its offices at 5930 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 and is home to a dental practice that offers five distinct operational procedures. Established in 1990, the dentist office offers full spectrum dental services across Cosmetic, General, Family, Endodontic, Implant, Surgery and Invisalign areas of the dental profession. The surgery regularly welcomes new and emergency patients. The office is proximate to Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Potomac and the greater Washington, DC area.

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