Stand Out from the Crowd With the Malibu Surfboard Shower

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Gorgeous. Clean. Classy. Classic.

These are words that come to mind when I think of Malibu - both the city and the Strand Boards Malibu surfboard shower.

Malibu is a hub of surf culture. After World War II, the city exploded with development and a mass arrival of the Hollywood elite. The 360-degree views of land and sea brought the rich and famous to Zuma Beach, the Malibu Hills, and Malibu Point. The King of surfing Duke Kahanamoku frequented Malibu Point, later deemed Surfrider Beach.

And don’t forget Gidget - the surf novel inspired by a real girl from Kathy Kohner. Gidget romanticized Malibu, transforming it from the inaccessible private beach city it once was into an idyllic surf town. The book became a movie, the Beach Boys harmonized, and suddenly the Malibu shores were teeming with locals, tourists, and famous actors alike getting in on the waves.

That’s why surfing is so appealing - anyone can do it. You can live out of a van and be better than the billionaire beside you. All you need is a board and balance. The essence of surfing is so simple.

Hence - our Malibu board. It’s made of a painted on effect mimicking balsa wood, the lightweight material that initiated the modern advancement in surfboards. Balsa is buoyant and durable. In the 1940’s when surfing and Malibu were both taking off, surfboard crafters used Balsa as the core of a board encased in newly invented waterproof fiberglass. The smaller, lighter board fit under the crook of surfers’ arms and made the sport even more accessible.

Strand Boards pays homage to the reinvention and expansion of the sport with our balsa wood (lookalike) Malibu board. The Malibu surfboard shower is our bestseller. And we get it. It fits seamlessly into any design scheme, with customizable accent stripes and wood-grain markings peppered throughout the surfboard.

Speaking of natural tones, I can almost hear the Beach Boys synchronized voices singing… “Let's go surfin' now; everybody's learning how… at Huntington and Malibu...” We’ll meet you on the beach; and afterward, at the outdoor shower.

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Name: Sam Greene
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