Staking BFI - Golden opportunity to multiply x times your assets with Bitfarmings

bitfarming - staking BFI


In the wave of industrial revolution 4.0, Blockchain is seen as a "key" technology for digital transformation and building a future information technology platform. Accordingly, Bitfarmings with Blockchain technology platform is considered to be a potential project with an extremely attractive investment method, attracting great attention of the financial world.


Bitfarmings Global is a multi-platform company, based at Silicon Valley Center 2570 N.First Street 2nd Floor San Jose CA United States 95131.
Bitfarmings launches a new consensus approach called equity hedge, fast guarantees, long-term security and distributed fairness, and eliminates energy-intensive pow algorithms. Bitfarmings Blockchain is easily integrated with many compatible platforms, cutting edge technology, towards the development of a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform.
With the mission of being a unicorn project leading in the field of games, data services and online payments in the future, Bitfarmings promises to bring many good values to the community, along with applying the digital money industry into reality.
Bitfarmings ecosystem (BFI Token) includes Database Services, BFI DEX Exchange, Online Games, E-commerce Payment App.


Bitfarmings has a sustainable development strategy with a highly specialized team that always follows the set plan. The period 2020-2022 is an important time for consolidating technology product development and building systems.

-Quarter I - 2020: Research and develop technology
-Quarter II - 2020: Testing the network system, internal press conference, and project whitepaper announcement
-Quarter III - 2020: Start to develop international markets, cooperation models in the Bitfarmings ecosystem, platforms, form ecosystems. Launch of and continues to expand and enhance key functionality, including digital asset management tools and AI-bot solutions.
-Quarter IV - 2020: Marketing development, global event project launch, market representation in Europe, Asia and America.
-Quarter I - 2021: Launch of crypto solutions such as Bitfarmings Wallet Research to release payment services.

-Quarter II - 2021: Security upgrade, cooperation with leading blockchain developers in the US, UK. Launching decentralized Daap platform development programs for businesses and organizations.
-Quarter III - 2021: Upgrade and expand networks blockchain, participate in technology competitions, get patent in Europe. Organize Blockchain Summit events in Poland, Japan, Brazil, Singapore,...


- No need to calculate and solve complex hashing functions, a system that uses the Proof of stake takes less time and energy than Proof of work.
- It does not require energy and is easy to place bets (as long as you have enough money to exceed the minimum deposit threshold), promises to have many participating nodes, making the system more decentralized, thus more secure.
- Bitfarmings promises many opportunities to spike prices thanks to the fixed term smart coin lock model, which makes the blockchain system stable and efficient.
- Not be dependent on the laws of the countries.


Note: BFI Token staking time is 12 months, Bitfarmings Global issues VIP certificates for packages of Gold Shares and Diamond shares. Along with that, Bitfarmings Global spends 8% of the company's profits to pay for the shares of Gold and Diamond, which is a special thing, showing the huge advantage that the Company gives to its customers. Global profits started paying quarterly in March 2021


-Step 1: Go to
-Step 2: Enter personal information into the form,
Then, check the box I'm not robot and click Sign Up
-Step 3: Check your account activation email, activate your account.
Verify your account
-Step 1: Click My account, then click Profile Verification
-Step 2: Fill in personal information in the box. Include Full Name, Address, Country, Postal Code, Passport Number
-Step 3: Upload photos on the front and back of your Passport
-Step 4: Take a photo with your Passport, then upload as sample. Then click Accept to complete.

-Step 1: Go to Wallets, then choose the currency you want to deposit into BTC, ETH ... For example, choose Bitcoin.
-Step 2: Select Deposit BTC, Transfer the amount of money to the address provided by the exchange
-Step 3: After waiting for about 10-30 minutes, the exchange will automatically convert to USD at the exchange rate at that time.

-Step 1: Go to Withdraw
-Step 2: Select the currency you want to withdraw (BTC, ETH...), for example Withdraw BTC then enter your wallet address and the amount of BTC you want to withdraw.
-Step 3: Click on the box I'm not a robot, then press Withdraw and enter 2FA, the floor will automatically convert BTC into the corresponding currency and send it to your wallet.

As can be seen, Bitfarmings is a project that works on a smart mining application. All information displayed in Bitfarmings is very transparent, clear, users can completely transparently administer and control their activities. Along with that is the roadmap to develop products in the BFI ecosystem that will promote the potential for sustainable price increases in the medium to long term.

Contact Info:
Name: Daniel Adam
Email: Send Email
Organization: BITFARMINGS

Release ID: 88987308