Stainless Steel Jewelry Fan Turns Passion Into Launch Of A New Website

Jewelry enthusiasts with a passion for all things designed with stainless steel launch new website to share their vision with the world.

After a year of successfully selling handmade stainless steel products through popular auction websites such as Ebay and online classified's like Craigslist, the founders of this eclectic mix of fashionable jewelry artisans have decided to take the next step and establish a website online which can be found at

The whole concept started as a hobby for the owner, Eve Ramos, who is also a budding artist herself. “I love to find unique pieces of jewelry in all styles but stainless steel crafted properly has particularly drew me in”, states Ramos. She goes on to further say, “Once I connected with fellow craftsmen and woman who were so skilled at what they do in making these wonderful pieces of art, I knew I had to help them showcase their pieces and that's how this all began.”

Consisting of everything from bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and other one of a kind pieces that usually get sold quickly, the online store will provide a more consistent platform to feature these special items while also mixing in some fan favorites that are always being requested by their growing customer base.

“We hope to provide as much value as we can through displaying highly intricate pieces one won't find easily at the local jewelry shop while also selling pieces that might be more common, but at higher quality and reasonable prices” says Owen Dominon, website manager for the project. He further comments, “The website became a necessity because the other platforms didn't give us the consistency the customers wanted. While although it was fun seeing auction prices move up quickly because of the demand for these awesome and unique pieces, we know there were many disappointed people who wished they could own one of these same pieces.”

With a new website in place and the owner passionately building up a “collective” of skilled stainless steel artists, the hope is the website will be a premier destination for fans of stainless steel products or anyone who shares in a vision of beautiful wearable art.

Contact Info:
Name: Eve Ramos
Phone: (352)388-3695
Organization: Steelogy

Release ID: 61994