StaffingZOOM Launches, Delivering Reliable, High-Quality Outsourcing to All

Carefully selected developers, designers, and business process specialists work from company's offices as oversight and support to ensure results, StaffingZOOM reports

The founders of StaffingZOOM announced the launch and immediate availability of the new service. Created by a team with over a decade of experience outsourcing important work for their own successful companies, StaffingZOOM is the easiest and most reliable way for companies today to connect with skilled developers, designers, and business process experts in India. After submitting a job description or working with StaffingZOOM experts to create one, clients will be presented with a carefully screened list of qualified, professional candidates. Once matches are made, outsourced talent works directly from StaffingZOOM offices overseas, ensuring that any issues can quickly be overcome and that targets will be met.

"When we first started experimenting with outsourcing a decade ago, we quickly discovered, as so many others have since, that there are plenty of potential pitfalls," said StaffingZOOM co-founder Tucker Waterman. "Over time, we identified the most common sources of trouble and learned how to overcome them," added Nishit Rathod, StaffingZOOM co-founder. "Having built up and sold three highly successful companies since then, we're ready to share what we've learned with the rest of the world. With the launch of StaffingZOOM, truly reliable and accessible outsourcing is now available to all."

Fresh from the University of Southern California, StaffingZOOM's founders went to work in 2006 on a technology start-up project, trying to keep their costs down by opening an overseas office and recruiting developers. As that team swelled to 30 members, progress was being made, but missteps and disappointments were common, as well. Whether it was scope creep setting in and distracting from core needs or weak developers and managers dragging down overall performance, it became clear that outsourcing was not the magical solution that might have been hoped for.

When one of the core members was forced to return home to India from Los Angeles, the team realized that this could be turned into a new opportunity. With that informed, invested member in place on the ground in India, the team resolved to tackle the challenges involved with outsourcing head-on. Overcoming the hurdles encountered earlier and learning many new lessons along the way, the group of entrepreneurs designed and built up an effective, resilient outsourcing culture as they pursued each of several successive projects.

With all three of those startup companies having since been turned into successes and sold to investors in recent years, StaffingZOOM now launches to bring the benefits of that proven, established approach to others. The straightforward StaffingZOOM process allows those in need of outsourced developers, designers, or business process specialists to submit jobs and then consider and interview carefully selected candidates based in India.

Once a suitable candidate has been found, StaffingZOOM managers stand by as the new employee operates from the company's office in India, ensuring continual oversight and always-on assistance should any problems crop up. Serving as an extension of clients' existing offices and work forces, this important new option does away with the usual downsides of outsourcing while delivering all of its advantages. More information can be found at the StaffingZOOM website.

About StaffingZOOM :
Making it easy to find and work with the best talent the world has to offer, StaffingZOOM connects clients with qualified, carefully selected developers, designers, and business process specialists who work from the company's own offices in an environment proven to produce results.

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