Stackmines Launches New Romertopf Garlic Roaster

The latest Romertopf cookware piece to be featured in recently launched. The Romertopf Garlic Baker is a healthy, easy-to-clean alternative to other garlic roasters.

AUGUST 14, 2014 – Stackmines, an American-based retailer of premium cookware and home goods, is excited to announce the release of a new product. The newest member of Stackmines' impressive inventory is a clay baker designed especially for roasting garlic. Designed to naturally roast garlic, the Romertopf Garlic Baker is part of the Romertopf family of clay bakers.

The Romertopf Garlic Baker is unique from competing clay garlic bakers in key aspects. For instance, the Romertopf Garlic Baker is large enough to fit multiple bulbs of garlic. Measuring at five inches across, the Romertopf Garlic Baker from can be used to roast more than just a single serving of garlic. Perhaps the most alluring feature to Stackmines' clients is how easily the Romertopf Garlic Baker can be cleaned. Unlike other garlic cookers, the Romertopf Garlic Baker from is glazed on the inside. Since the garlic baker comes with this special coating as opposed to being porous, the Romertopf Garlic Baker can simply be wiped clean. The glazed clay baker is also burn-resistant.

The Romertopf Garlic Baker can be used to make a number of delicious sides, such as garlic spread. Roasted garlic is mouth-watering by itself, but it can also be used in pastas, on baked potatoes, and in a number of other tasty ways.

Stackmines is pleased to offer such a high quality clay garlic baker. The new product is one of several that carries from the German-made Romertopf collection. Stackmines has an inventory of fifteen beautifully crafted, durable clay bakers from Romertopf. A company that truly advocates healthy cooking, Romertopf was established in 1967 with the mission of encouraging health-beneficial diets. Today, the brand is still recognized for offering ideas for natural cooking. Romertopf's bake ware is mostly used to cook natural, fat-free, healthy foods. The Romertopf Garlic Baker provides a way for food connoisseurs to embrace the delicious taste and aroma of freshly roasted garlic without sacrificing their health.

In addition to carrying the sought-after Romertopf collection, Stackmines also has a wide collection of home goods and kitchenware that includes brands such as Cook Pro, Corelle, Prime Pacific, and Imperial Home.

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