SSChic Boutique Introduces New Range of Cruelty Free Makeup Items for the Globally Conscious Beauty Connoisseur

Online customers can choose from an array of affordable makeup products, fashion accessories, and skincare products where the proceeds go towards helping someone in need.

Beauty isn’t skin deep anymore, as founders of SSChic Boutique, an e-commerce boutique curated to helping the world while looking amazing, join hands for a better cause. The company is gaining widespread recognition for its trendy collection of cruelty free makeup items, essential fashion accessories, and ‘all things chic’ for the self-conscious contemporary women.

SSChic Boutique | Beauty with a Purpose

The founders of SSChic Boutique remain diligent in maintaining business practices for humanitarian causes. For all buyers, whether they are first timers or repeat customers, a portion of their payments are donated to institutes and organizations that strive to make the world a better place.

Believing that ‘charity begins at home’ SSChic Boutique is vigilant with social and ethical stances against makeup organizations that engage in testing their items on animals. As a result, the business has pledged to create products with a more eco-friendly foundation. Comprised of naturally occurring ingredients and a blend of moisturizing vitamins, these products reinvigorate skin tissues and increase levels of freshness.

First time online visitors are entitled to an exclusive offer by signing up for the company’s official newsletter. As a gesture of thanks for joining our cruelty free makeup revolution, all new members receive a discount coupon alongside a complimentary eye shadow.

The diligent team of experts at SSChic Boutique understand that beauty is more of a regime for women from all walks of life. It is a day-in day-out struggle to maintain a unique persona among colleagues, co-workers, and likeminded friends who wish to rely on using a healthful line of beauty accessories. Therefore, SSChic Boutique keeps a tight lid on retaining its catalog with high quality standards and socially acceptable business ethics.

According to online customers, the entire range of SSChic Boutique cruelty free makeup products is not only paraben-free, but also has a visually appealing look. The online business has garnered a cult like following amongst women ages 18 – 39 years old. These modern customers have a knack for self-beauty, and they are also cognizant of the moral standards that comprise a product’s development. These customers, also known as CHICsters, prefer eco-friendly and paraben-free affordable makeup curated without any harmful toxins.

About SSChic Boutique:

Hailing from Florida, SSChic Boutique is a U.S. based makeup brand known for its original products and fashion accessories. The business aims to collaborate with sustainable local partners who share the same cruelty free makeup philosophy that the SSChic Boutique brand is recognized for. Nearly 50% of net proceeds are donated to humanitarian campaigns, social welfare activities and in redefining the standard of beauty, one product at a time.

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