SPRYNG Launches Knuckles Power-Up for Enhanced Blood Circulation, and Targeted Compression

SPRYNG’s active compression technology improves blood circulation to help muscles recover faster while combating sore calves from running, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or even achy legs from being seated!

SPRYNG (www.SPRYNGme.com), creators of the active compression calf wrap device that raised over $1 Million dollars in funding through successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2019, announced the launch of SPRYNG Knuckles Power-Up; an inner layer to the SPRYNG device which uses embedded silicone spheres to provide enhanced deep tissue muscle recovery and targeted compression. The inner layer, gives the user the additional benefit of warming up their muscles prior to working out. When used pre-workout, it can benefit a large number of people who want to avoid those nagging calf cramps while running or even speed up leg recovery after long cycle rides.

The Need for Improved Circulation During A Pandemic

Since the news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke out at the start of the year, people’s lives have been impacted in some shape or form and significant changes to daily routines have had to be made. Healthcare professionals, now more than ever, are on their feet for unimaginable hours. For some individuals, the switch to working from home has motivated them to work on improving their fitness for the first time ever, with ample inspiration from influencers on social media platforms making fitness “trendy”.

The increase in the number of people exercising has meant that more people are experiencing muscle soreness and fatigue. At the same time, access to traditional methods of recovery such as getting a massage is limited due to safety concerns. This has created the need for revolutionary home remedies for leg pain in the form of active compression wraps. However, the current active compression recovery solutions available in the market are more suited towards professional athlete’s due to high price points and bulky form factors. SPRYNG has been able to meet the need of the consumer by creating a product that is compact, untethered, and most importantly, accessible to all.

SPRYNG: The New Standard in Active Compression Therapy

The SPRYNG calf active compression device provides a 100% wireless recovery experience with just 15 minutes of use, allowing users to easily fit recovery into their daily lifestyle and routines. The product is clinically proven to improve blood circulation, promote lactic acid flush-out and increase oxygen to muscle tissue.

SPRYNG is suitable for anyone with tired and achy legs. Whether it is for someone experiencing calf pain after running, just returned from a ski holiday and need it for post-ski recovery, or even for someone on the lookout for a DOMS recovery solution to help them get through the daily gym session.

“Since the successful launch in 2019, SPRYNG has provided recovery to over 7000 customers to date. The addition of SPRYNG Knuckles Power-Up Inner Layer now gives customers targeted compression for an even better experience” said Heshika Deegahawathura, CEO at SPRYNG.

Some of the key clinical outcomes of SPRYNG include reduced calf pain after athletic activity due to improved blood circulation by up to 64%, reduced leg swelling by 62% after use, and reduced muscle soreness by 16% when compared to compression socks.


SPRYNG is the result of over three years of scientific research and development. The SPRYNG device is a completely wireless and portable pneumatic compression wrap that relieves aches, speeds recovery, improves performance, and feels incredible. Driven by its unique wavetec™ compression pattern, it helps to improve blood circulation through graduated compression of the calf muscle to accelerate healing and recovery with just 15 minutes of use. Learn more about at www.SPRYNGme.com

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