Sports Bras Market is rising to $21.7 million by 2024

Sports Bras Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024 research report provide bras industry growth, demand, trends, market leaders and topics for all sports and forecast to 2024.

Sports Bras Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024. The 2018 study has 194 pages, 106 tables and figures. The vendors in the sports bra industry have invested in high-quality technology and textured materials to develop leading edge absorbency and flexibility of their bras.

The shipments value of the Sports Bra Market in 2017 at $6.49 million is rising to $21.7 million by 2024. In 2013, shipments of sports bras were $1.975 million representing significant growth. Growth is spurred by a rapid shift away from regular bras to the far more comfortable sports bra for all occasions except perhaps the most formal wear.

Companies Profiled
Market Leaders
• Nike
• Ameri Sports / Wilson
• Adias
• Underarmor
• InterContinental Hotels Group
• Marriott
• Bauer
• Sports Facilities Advisory
• Blue Star Sports
• NBC Sports / SportsEngine

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There are a number of different sports bra designs that can be found in the on-line listings and in retail stores. The athleisure trend is here to stay because it provides significant health benefits. Improvements in comfort provided by sports bras has extended their use to all day. Sports bras represent a breakthrough in innovation and will likely completely replace traditional bras.

When working out, the bust is put through more stress and impacts than during daily activities. Breasts are subject to movements and bouncing that can create a force of up to five times their actual weight creating the possibility of tears. Wearing a sports bra provides both support and comfort needed when doing a physical activity.

The team that prepared the research, “Youth female runner challenges illustrate the shift in the female body at puberty. Before puberty the muscles are strong and sleek, like the male body, but suddenly curves and breasts appear, creating significant body changes that disrupt the ability to run fast.

This change requires physiological and psychological adaptation. Containing the body becomes an issue. Sport bras have emerged as a way for females to adjust to those body changes in a way that supports participation in all walks of life. The sports bras offer a freedom that lasts a lifetime. ”

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Key Topics
• Sports bras
• Low Impact Sports bras
• Medium Impact Support Sports bras
• High Impact Support Sports bras
• Specialty Stores Sports bras
• E-commerce Sports bras
• Sports bras For Exercising
• Sports bras for Running
• Sports bras for Biking
• Sports bras for Older Women
• Sports bras for Hockey
• Sports bras for Basketball

Table of Contents:
Abstract: Sports Bra Markets Bring Better Support to All Women
1. Sports Bras: Market Description and Market Dynamics
2. Sports Bras Market Shares and Forecasts
3. Sports Bras Product Description
4. Sports Bras Research and Technology
5. Sports Bras Company Profiles
6 Sports Bra Detailed Regional and Segment Analysis

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