Spiritus Healing Arts Offers New Age Therapeutic Massage for the Real New Age

Some feared the “end of the world”, but Spiritus Healing Arts sees it as a positive transition. With 12/21/12, the actual Age of Aquarius, Scott Truel offers New Age services aiding people transition the New Age and the New Year.

San Diego, CA – Many people were stressed about the “end of the world” scheduled 12/21/12, and what it will (or will not) bring. Scott Truel, owner and practitioner at Spiritus Healing Arts, says that instead of seeing an end, people should focus on a new beginning.

“On 21 December 2012 we will enter the real age of Aquarius,” says San Diego Energy Healer, Scott Truel. “Rather than see the world end , we will see The New Age unfold thus rediscovering many of the side barred ancient arts of healing: like the quantum healing spoke about by Deepak Chopra. It’s here for us to enjoy now.”

To celebrate this new beginning, Spiritus Healing Arts will be offering Energy Healing Holistic Therapeutic Massage as a Neck Pain Treatment in San Diego. This is in addition to their much-loved Energy Healing Skin Rejuvenation Facials. With over 25 years of experience, Scott provides expert massage therapy treatments, facial rejuvenation, energy healing, psychic tarot card reading and past life clearing. He can help you prepare for a New Age, a New Year, and a New You. So, take a deep breath with Spiritius – the Latin word for “breath”.

“It is a joy working with Scott,” says A. Katz, an international development consultant and client at Spiritus. “I have learned a great deal about receiving, calmness, and focus through his facial work.”

About Scott Truel
Scott Truel grew up in Indiana and Colorado, studying music since his youth. He studied music therapy, which led to an interest in the healing arts. Scott is a San Diego licensed Holistic Health practitioner, is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Scott has a deep passion for his work, and can help in all areas of psychic help, healing and self-discovery. He has a lengthy list of additional certifications and training, which can be viewed at http://spiritushealingarts.com/about-scott/.

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