SPECS NC Helps Customers Lose Fear Of Contact Lenses

The Durham eye care center provides education and training for first time contact-lens users, reports www.specsnc.com

Though contact lenses offer a range of benefits, many optical patients avoid them out of fear, say eye-care experts. To help allay those fears and introduce more people to the convenience of contacts, SPECS NC, a durham optometrist, is offering education and training on the use and care of contact lenses for first-time users, reports www.specsnc.com.

Said company spokesperson Kim Miller, "We want to encourage more people to take the plunge and give contact lenses a try. We understand that lots of people just hate the thought of putting something in their eye, so we want to help them see that it isn't that bad. The vast majority of our patients who decide to try contacts end up adjusting really well after some initial training."

The eye care center durham offers a comprehensive exam for contact lenses. The optometrist will first determine the person's prescription for corrective lenses, evaluate his or her overall eye health, and then make a recommendation for the best type of contact lens. When the contacts are ready for pickup, the customer will have a one-on-one consultation with a member of the SPECS staff. The eye care professional will first make sure the lenses fit correctly, and then he or she will educate the customer on the best way to insert the lenses comfortably and care for them so that they remain clean and comfortable at all times.

"Typically, we start off new users with a trial pack to make sure the lenses going to be comfortable," explained Miller. "Sometimes we end up trying a different type of lens than the one originally prescribed because we know the user is going to tolerate it better. We also give new contact users a specific program for adapting to the lenses. We usually ask that they start off wearing the lenses for a short time on the first day, a little longer the next day, and so on. Depending on the type of lens, it can take a few days or a couple of weeks to get used to wearing them full time."

Soft lenses are generally considered the most comfortable to wear, and they are now available for patients with astigmatism or dry eyes, thanks to new developments in lens technology. SPECS NC offers daily wear, extended wear, and disposable contact lenses in addition to colored or tinted lenses. Concluded Miller, "We can find the right lenses for almost any customer, and we hope to help people lose their fear of contacts. If you're in Durham and looking for an 'eye doctor near me,' we hope you'll give us a try."


Located in Durham, NC, the SPECS team provides a range of eye-care services for the Triangle area. Customers can get eye exams for eyeglasses and for contact lenses, and with their in-house optical lab, SPECS opticians can fill prescriptions within a single day. Established in 1980, they have been in business nearly 40 years and have been voted "Best in Triangle" nine years in a row.

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