Specialist Physician, Previous American Gladiator Contestant Launches Self-Healing Programs On-line

Summary: Discover Health Movement launches online wellness programs with five health providers in response to COVID19 and offers a membership trial at no charge.

Non-surgical pain specialist, Dr. Trish Murray, D.O., has been teaching self-healing movement methods for decades and has now created online live classes with four other health providers. This virtual modality is now reaching and helping people worldwide. Dr. Murray’s focus has always been on the forty-somethings plus waking up each morning feeling their age.

“The aging process starts to present itself in our forties because our fascia or the fabric of life becomes stiff and dehydrated,” explains Dr. Trish Murray, Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine specialist, Functional Medicine specialist, and international instructor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, “like a sponge that has been sitting out on the kitchen counter overnight.”

Individuals don’t think about their connective tissues or fascia and its role in their overall health. Most people move freely in their youth and expect their bodies to do whatever they want, and when they get injured, things usually heal up quickly. But once many people reach their forties, injuries do not heal as they used to, and they wake up stiff and move with pain. In Dr. Murray’s new bestselling bookNo More Band-Aids 2.0: Finding Answers In A Broken Medical System, the fascia or connective tissue system is described as the missing link to healthy aging. To restore movement and flexibility, people must hydrate, stretch, bend, and squeeze their tissues to move freely, improve blood flow, optimize their immune system, and decrease pain.

The global outbreak of COVID19 has resulted in the closure of gyms, stadiums, pools, dance and fitness studios, physiotherapy centers, parks, and playgrounds. Information from unitednations.org points out that many tend to be less active under such conditions, have longer screen time, irregular sleep patterns, worse diets, and physical fitness loss. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week. Such exercise’s benefits are proven very helpful, especially in anxiety, crisis, and fear.

Discover Health Movement Membership is offering a free one month trial of their online self-healing program. To sign up, use this link www.discoverhealthfmc.com/#Movement and enter the code “Movement2020” at checkout.

About Discover Health Movement
Discover Health Movement Membership is an online program that teaches everyone gentle self-healing movement techniques. There are three different classes taught each week that involve self-myofascial release, the movement for longevity, and basic yoga flow. Participants in these classes regularly share that their pain has decreased; they can move freely, with confidence, and keep up with their kids and grandkids. If they experience a new injury, they have typically been able to use the classes’ techniques to resolve their pain within a few days themselves.

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