Speak for Jesus Launches Web Page Dedicated To Providing Guidance On How To Pray

Religious website uses The Lord's Prayer as a model in light of endless confusion.

Statistics from the religious sector indicate 80 percent of the world's population believes in the power of prayer. Statements regarding prayer are found throughout the bible, with the one of the most common promises being variations of, "Ask, and you shall receive." Countless people know this to be true; however, many believers are confused regarding how to pray. In an effort to help those falling into this category, Speak for Jesus spokesperson J. Mani has launched the website's most recent page dedicated to teaching prayer.

Said Mani, "Every day, numerous believers ask us for advice regarding how to pray. There is no simple answer, but we remind them of the Lord's Prayer. Jesus gave the disciples this prayer when they, too, asked Him the very same question. So many people take the 'ask and it shall be yours' sentiment out of context. When their wishes are not immediately granted, they completely discount the effectiveness of prayer. They fail to delve deeper into the true meaning and purpose of praying."

Understanding this theory requires further analysis of the Lord's prayer. A number of people live their lives as they please, never considering prayer until they want or need something. The Lord's prayer clearly states His name should be honored. This means on a constant basis rather than only when a need arises. Christians should uphold Him and His teachings in everyday life, live for Him and give thanks for the blessings He provides.

Another portion of the Prayer dictates asking for forgiveness for personal wrongdoings while vowing to forgive the offenses of other. Few people are willing and able to do this. Truly letting go of the pain others cause is returned many times over by God. The Lord's prayer also guides His children to ask for their needs to be met. Many ask for above and beyond this, praying for wealth, recognition or other worldly concepts. Selfishness is never returned.

Perhaps the most commonly made mistake in prayer is Christians asking for what they want without regard for God's plans for them. A key element of the Lord's prayer states His will be done here on Earth just as it is in Heaven. People tend to ask for healing, for their troubled marriage to work out or to land a specific job. When these prayers are not answered, they quickly decide God does not answer prayers.

These individuals often forget He "knows the plans he has" for everyone and knows what is best. This is never more evident than in His plan for Jesus' birth to the Virgin Mary as well as His life leading up to crucifixion to free the world from sin. When He does not grant specific requests, it is because He has something better in mind or is using situations to change the lives of others. Endless personal accounts attest to this as do many Bible stories about Jesus found on the Speak for Jesus website.

Mani concluded, "We could spend days dissecting the Lord's prayer and determining the mistakes countless people make when praying, just as we could spend days discussing how to avoid these shortcomings. This is the very reason our most recent web page was developed. We also offer several children's prayers to instill knowledge of how to pray in them before they become adults and begin facing growing challenges in their lives."

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