Sparta Beer Club Give Their Customers Enjoyable Experience With Many Special Programs

The Sparta beer club is a place of leisure and entertainment for people who are looking to let their hair down, chill and have a good time.

Here people will find a variety of programs that include hot dances from gorgeous dancers and special programs which includes pole dance, duet, fire dance, circus snake and rope swing amongst a few others. These special programs and dance are designed to mesmerize the customers and ensure that they experience the best gala time of their lives.

Music is one of the fundamental attractions at the Sparta as it is a home to some of the best DJs in the business such as DJ Live, DJ Smoke, Linh Su, Linh Eva and Hung Anh amongst others. They also invite some of the best guest DJs such as DJ Trang Moon, DJ Tit to their programs from time to time.

The Sparta organizes various games and fun challenges such as predictions, prodigal and who is the millionaire to keep the customers captivated to their parties. There is an elaborate game show arena at the Sparta that is reserved only for the various types games and fun. The collection of the music, dances and the games makes the Sparta events one of the most enjoyable and indispensable flavors of the city.

The food and cuisine at the beer club are also one of the biggest attractions for the people. The food menu at the Sparta beer club is an exotic one with a wide range of dishes and cuisines from different places as well as continents including Europe and Asia. Here you get some of the finest food and drinks with exotic offerings and sophisticated desserts to help you enjoy the best dining experience. Apart from this, they import 100 different types of beers, especially for the Spartan warriors.

Some of the popular food items on the menu include Roasted chicken curry, American beef ribs grilled with spicy sauce, Grilled red-hot cheese sauce, Hong Kong styled deep fried fish, Special Sparta grill, BBQ Grill and Green fried mushrooms amongst a few others. In terms of drinks, Sparta offers fruit juices, cocktails, mocktails, wine and beer. Some of the fruit juices include watermelon juice, orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, mixed fruit, and lemonade.

The Sparta has an area of 800-meter square that simulates into a special type of beer arena where the DJs play music all day long, and the events keep on happening. It is home to some of the hottest parties in the town. This beer club Hanoi has some of the finest dancers such as Dancer Linh Bong, Dancer Thuy Van and British dancer to entertain the crowds. If you want to book for an event, you can look up their website to check out the various activities and get full information about it.

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