Spanish Prettifying Advice Portal Takes the Internet by Storm

Spanish website is becoming a useful and reliable source of information for most users who are interested in health and beauty matters. The team that stands behind it has stated that they wish to underline the importance and benefits of naturally-based products. is a virtual magazine which is dedicated to providing useful information and keeping users posted on topical and current issues from the world of natural health and beauty. It was founded by a group of highly-educated and vigorous young people based in Madrid and Valencia, Spain. Their sole wish to popularize organic-based products and ensure that people are made well-aware of alternatives to traditional cosmetics. As viewer ratings are on the rise, the founding team prefers to keep a cool head and focus on the quality of the uploaded articles.

The idea for the Spanish beautifying tips website first occurred to the founding team about a year ago when they met late one night in order to catch up with each other. One of the friends had recently experienced an unpleasant visit to a dermatologist because of applying widely-advertised facial cosmetics.

She began experiencing a severe allergy to the chemically-based compounds of the prettifying good and was even prescribed special medication to treat the condition. This turned her away from ever purchasing such a product.

The group of friends began commenting on the subject and noted the lack of substantial information on how one can enhance his appearance via natural means on the Internet. As the night flowed by, they decided to establish an online magazine that would present users with information on organic beautifying goods as well as how one can take general care of one’s health and outlook.

This is how was established. The digital platform features not only product reviews but also informative and educational articles on topics such as how to take good care of the hair in the summer months and keep its volume increased and the color – vivid. Users appear to be quite fond of the materials.

Ratings of the health and beauty website are on the rise. One of the most surprising things about it is that it does not generate only Spanish traffic. International users are also quick to proceed and take advantage of the presented information.

Among’s most popular reviews is the one of Eco Slim – a nutritional supplement. Its formula is comprised of a Vitamin B complex, caffeine, taurine, and succinic acid. Most of the people who have tried it state that it is an ideal addition to their daily food regimen and exercise regime.

One more thing which viewers are truly fond of is the fact that the platform explains the importance of using natural products such as herbs and fruits to achieve a better health and a visibly enhanced physique.’s editorial staff has stated that they are content with the website’s rising success rate but what makes them feel most satisfied is that more and more people turn to more organic means in order to become more physically appealing.

The team is of the opinion that there is nothing more beautiful that the natural beauty that each and every person possesses and one can become more charming if he just underlines the positive characteristics that were given to one at his or her birth.

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