SpaceShake Launches World’s First Cannabis-friendly Payment Processor and Cryptocurrency Token

As the adoption and legalization of cannabis continues to grow globally, SpaceShake believes it is time to incorporate cryptocurrency into the system, and the launch of the SpaceShake token and SpacePay is a bold move in that direction

Cryptocurrency is at an all-time high in the world today. It is the most talked-about channel of digital wealth today, and almost everyone has joined in the trend of owning and trading these digital assets. One of the most exciting aspects of the crypto craze that can be regarded as a factor for its widespread growth is its ability to adapt to other systems in the financial market.

Seeing the possibility of infusing cannabis into cryptocurrency, SpaceShake is thrilled to announce the launch of its cryptocurrency token – SpaceShake ($SSPACE). Founded in Spain but now branching out to Holland, SpaceShake began as an edibles brand, gaining traction and popularity within the cannabis community by curating the first-ever cannabis-infused milkshake. The founders have continued to develop the product line and brand identity throughout the last few years. With continued research and development into the crypto and cannabis space, the SSSPACE token is now brought forward as a viable solution.

The launch of the SpaceShake token ($SSPACE) incorporates two lucrative industries, cannabis and cryptocurrency, into a single investment platform. It intends to give crypto investors a good, solid project to invest their wealth in and enjoy massive ROIs. Cannabis and crypto continue to enjoy global adoption, and $SSPACE is dubbed to be the perfect equilibrium, a valid solution to the financial market.

SpaceShake has also announced the launch of SpacePay, the world's first cannabis-friendly payment processor, to back up its plans to make cannabis and crypto exist on one platform. SpacePay is a seamless, low-cost FIAT-to-Crypto payment processor for the cannabis sector. A statement on the SpacePay whitepaper is quoted thus, "many payment processors prohibit the sale of cannabis in their terms of service. Therefore, we want to be the driving force of the 'e-commercialization' of the cannabis industry.”

Some of the benefits of the SpacePay payment processor includes:
1. payouts received between 24 to 48 hours from daily cut off point,
2. splitting of payouts between FIAT and crypto using the SpacePay business wallet, and
3. running a cannabis e-commerce store etc.

This brilliant innovation by SpaceShake is gaining traction in the United States and parts of Europe. It is an excellent investment opportunity for 2022. SpaceShake has identified that the cannabis space lacks a clear global market leader, and as the space emerges into legalization, it is positioned to be that leader.

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