Sozo Life Coffee Berry Highlights The Benefits Of Coffee Consumption

Sozo Life Coffee Berry highlights that quality coffee can have significant health benefits.

Statistic Brain claims that 54 percent of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis with the average size of a cup being 9 ounces. Of those coffee drinkers, the average person consumes 3.1 cups every day while 24 percent of coffee drinkers have 13 or more cups of coffee every week. “As many Americans are now learning, the quality of the coffee consumed plays a large role in the health benefits obtained from the drink. Those wishing to receive more antioxidants from this preferred beverage turn to healthy coffee products offered by Sozo Life Coffee Berry,” Don Rossignol of Sozo Life Coffee Berry states.

Many consumers asked is about coffee healthy. The simple answer to this would be yes, but coffee drinkers need to understand that all coffee is not created equal. The antioxidant capacity of any coffee depends on the coffee bean quality, the timing of the harvest and the harvest region. “When a user chooses to purchase Sozo Life Coffee Berry products, he or she feels comfortable knowing that the coffee is healthy as it contains the same amount of antioxidants as one cup of blueberries,” Mr. Rossignol declares.

Using the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score, developed by Tufts University, coffee drinkers may determine the health benefits of drinking a particular brand. This score measures the strength and duration of antioxidant protection offered by a product. “Coffee drinkers, when comparing Sozo Life Coffee Berry products to a cup of blueberries, find one gram of CoffeeBerry Forte Extract offer the same antioxidant value as the cup of blueberries. When choosing Sozo Select Coffee products, users know they are benefiting their health. Can the same be said of traditional store bought brands?,” Mr. Rossignol asks.

As mentioned above, 54 percent of American adults drink coffee every day. However all hope is not lost for the other 46 percent of the population, they can obtain similar benefits from other products. “Sozo Life Coffee Berry understands that not everyone is a coffee drinker which is why the company chose to make a nutritional beverage which combines CoffeeBerry with other powerful extracts. Those who choose the nutritional beverage get the same antioxidants capacity they would when eating 21 servings of fruits and vegetables, The Sozo Ignite Liquid Energy Drink is another choice for those in need of an energy boost. Sozo Life Coffee Berry wants to ensure everyone has an option when it comes to boost their health through the choice of beverages,” Mr. Rossignol declares.

Sozo Life Berry Coffee offers coffee designed to benefit the health of users, doing so by choosing coffee beans high in antioxidants. Experts measure the antioxidant capacity of coffee beans using an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score. The score takes into account the region where the bean was harvested, the harvest timing and the coffee bean quality. To increase the antioxidant capacity of its products, Sozo Life Coffee Berry adds an extract, known as CoffeeBerry, to all products, an extract which provides additional phenolic acid and polyphenols. To receive the same amount of antioxidants found in one gram of CoffeeBerry, a person needs to consume 625 grams, or one cup of blueberries.

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