Southwestern College President Releases E-Book On Choosing A Graduate Program

Dr. James Michael Nolan gas released an E-book that focuses on details for graduate school applicants to consider before applying to mental health programs.

The President of Southwestern College, Dr. Jim Nolan, has long believed that graduate school applicants should be well informed about the variety of options available to those who are seeking a degree in the mental health professions. However, in his experience, resources that clarified the differences in programs and opportunities were lacking. In order to give students the information that they need in order to make the best decisions for themselves and their career he recently released an e-book titled “16 Things You Really Need To Know About Going To Graduate School In The Helping Professions (That Graduate Schools Do Not Tell You)”.

“There are a lot of subtle differences when it comes to the mental health professions,” says Nolan. “A lot of these variations are poorly explained, if explained at all. This lack of accurate information can dramatically impact a student’s life and cost thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, unnecessarily.”

The book explores the different paths that a student might take in their pursuit of a mental health career, and clarifies some common misconceptions about similarities and differences in similar sounding disciplines. It also touches on issues of licensing, variations in requirements between states and answers common student questions.

“My hope is that, by the end of the book, students have a clearer grasp of the wealth of options available to them. They should be more knowledgeable about some pitfalls that exist, and they will likely have a clearer sense of how the various disciplines can lead to their eventual career,” concludes Nolan.

Now in its 34th year, Southwestern College’s motto is Transforming Consciousness through Education. It is a graduate level institution that focuses on counseling and art therapy. Offering a holistic environment for learning, students undergo rigorous academic work that follows national standards for the Counseling and Art Therapy professions while also afforded opportunities for deeply meaningful interaction and sharing.

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