South West Greenhouses Launches Greenhouse Staging To Optimize Greenhouse Interiors

South West Greenhouses are a leading supplier of greenhouse constructions and offer an expansive range of greenhouse staging designed to allow individuals to nurture plants on multiple levels.

Greenhouses are designed to use a contained glass structure to focus the sun’s energy and direct it to plants that require heat and light to grow, and are usually from warmer indigenous climates than Britain. South West Greenhouses are one of the country’s premier suppliers of greenhouses, and now supplies their existing product owners with a wide variety of accessories to help them get the best out of their purchase. The latest product extension has been to include high quality staging- tiered shelves that can allow for many more and more diverse plant cultivation.

The staging included ranges from wood and aluminium staging, of one or two tiers, some with equally sized tiers and some with staggered tiers to provide a trade-off between exposure to sunlight and scalability. There are a wide range of surface areas available to make the most of whatever space greenhouse owners have available.

Products can be arranged by price, newness and size for maximum convenience. All products come with a gallery of high quality imagery of the product in situ with detailed product descriptions and clear pricing, as well as the easy ordering and delivery options that South West Greenhouses customers are used to.

A spokesperson for South West Greenhouses explained, “Staging is the very best way of making the most of the space provided by a greenhouse as well as creating different conditions for plants of different kinds. The greenhouse focuses the sun’s energy and creates a heated environment, but staging allows individuals to place plants that prefer direct and indirect sunlight in different places, as well as significantly increasing the total amount of cultivation that can go on inside the greenhouse. We supply high quality staging at such affordable prices, there’s no reason not to make use of it.”

About South West Greenhouses:
South West Greenhouses is a family run business based in Wiltshire that has been supplying greenhouses to the whole of the UK for many years and are proud to be considered one of the top greenhouse specialists in the UK. With thousands of happy customers, new visitors can be assured that they are buying from a well-regarded business with a reputation for excellence.

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