South East Vehicle Valeting Publish Car Maintenance Tips To Keep A Valet Fresh For Longer

South East Vehicle Valeting give valets so good their customers want to keep their cars in that condition forever, and these new top tips will help them do just that.

Owning a car is a source of pride, and it operates not only as a vehicle to get from A to B but as a status symbol and an expression on one’s personality. As such, keeping a car clean and polished and in tip top condition can make all the difference to those trying to make a first impression, and with the spring cleaning season approaching, many are considering doing the same for their cars. South East Vehicle Valeting is a perfect solution for those living in South East, and has just published an article on how to keep cars in top shape so the valet lasts for longer.

The tips include things like avoiding driving while carrying unnecessary weight- this causes a drop in fuel economy which means more stops, which increases the risk of petrol or grime from the station floor making its way into the car. Equally, driving with seasonal tires helps avoid punctures and slides, so no muddy tire changes can ruin the interior.

The article is one of many on the site, which aims to build a community out of its customers, sharing everything from the team’s top 10 dream cars to the best new cars on the market. The site makes its services easy to order, with a colour coded infographic that explains what services are included at what price bands.

A speksesperson for South East Vehicle Valeting explained, “We understand that the benefit of a quality valet is having a car that feels new, fresh from the showroom. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive and easily comprehensible valet packages on the market, and why we published our new article. Some companies may well want to see customers dirty their cars again so they can get repeat business, but we’re interested in valets with a legacy, and that means keeping a car in great running order, so no unexpected maintenance or muddy boots catch you by surprise.”

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