South Carolina Winter Weather Preparedness Week a Time to Evaluate Winter Safety

SC Residents Advised to Winterize Cars and Homes

As winter weather creeps in, residents across the Midlands are preparing for more ice on the roadway. Black ice-related accidents are starting to grow in number. With temperatures hitting frosty lows, drivers should begin winter-proofing their cars.

In line with the continuous efforts of the local government in keeping residents ready for the winter season, South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, declared the first week of December as South Carolina Winter Weather Preparedness Week. This initiative encourages South Carolinians to prepare for severe winter conditions and ensure that their vehicles are ready for snowy roads and driveways.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division, together with other local agencies, advised residents to store winter supplies such as abrasives, shovels, and gravel in their vehicle’s trunk. Cars should also have winter emergency kits filled with an ample amount of thermal blankets, flashlights, battery-powered radio, food, water, wet wipes, and a first aid kit.

Surviveware, a trusted brand among preparedness and survival enthusiasts, recommends their 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes for individuals who are creating their winter emergency kits.

Surviveware’s 4-Pack Biodegradable Wipes are made from durable, soft cloth material that glides smoothly on the skin. The wipes are made of biodegradable fibers and contain no plastic, beginning to disintegrate within 28 days after burial. The wipes fully decompose within 8 to 12 months, which is remarkably faster than plastic-based wipes that take hundreds of years to break down.

Surviveware’s wipes, which are available on Amazon Prime, are infused with an alcohol-free formulation that won’t cause skin irritation. The hypoallergenic solution contains natural aloe and vitamin E. These wipes are a perfect alternative to showering, and can even be used to remove dirt and oil from one’s car seat and dashboard in a pinch. Packed in 4 smaller travel-friendly pouches, each containing 15 wipes, for a total of 60, survivalists and car owners can easily stash these wipes inside backpacks and glove compartments without worrying about the extra weight and bulk. Each Surviveware wet wipe measures 8” x 12”- 30% larger than regular wipes. Due to its wider span, a single sheet can cover a larger surface area.

In the following review shared on Amazon, the Surviveware user shared how these wipes are a staple for her car and gym bag:

“Finally, a wipe that is larger than a cocktail napkin! They’re unscented and just moist enough to see like you cleaned where you wiped. I go from the gym to work then sometimes out to eat afterwards. These will definitely be a staple in my gym bag and car. For anyone who is busy and on-the-go, these are definitely great for a quick wash up and biodegradable to boot!”

Prep your car for the coming winter season by ordering your stash of Surviveware’s 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes today. Purchase your pack now by clicking here.

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