South Africa Mentioned In Inventor's Post

African American Internet Inventor talks about South Africa in her Blog Post(s)

Inventor talks about South Africa in her blog post(s)not interested in running the world but wants Justice for invention

Inventor links lingering racial issues and overtones regarding African immigrants to the repercussions of the 15th and 16th century Slave Trade of the Europeans transporting African Slaves from the south of the African Continent .

The Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman who alleges that she is the inventor of the modern day internet and worldwide web has been involved in a 30 year Intellectual Property dispute with the American government. Right now although overshadowed by prominent news such as the " Omicron variant from South Africa " and' What should be done about the debt ceiling? ' - there are important decisions being made behind the scenes affecting intellectual property rights .

Who will the Fed Chair be ? Will Congressman Massey's House Bill on reforming Patent law be successful ? How will these issues affect the economy moving forward ? Most people do not even realize that the modern day internet has only been with us since the early 1990's .Massey's House Bill

Ms. Hartman says that there is still a lot of history to be uncovered about the Internet and its origins and events leading to its development . "Even as you are reading this , changes in information are being made on the Internet , even its history being changed each day ."

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