"Soul Family" and "Radiant Opus" Launch to Best Seller, Sharing the Message of Unity in a Turbulent World

“Soul Family: Discover Your Authentic Soul Tribe”, by Rainey Marie Highley, launched to #1 Amazon Best Seller 11.11.2020 as a new release, along with “Radiant Opus”. The books were written to sound a call of unity during a time of division in our world.

Rainey Marie Highley, award winning spiritual author and founder of 4Authenticity, LLC, released her latest book, “Soul Family: Discover Your Authentic Soul Tribe” on 11.11.2020 and it quickly hit the #1 best selling spot on Amazon. The book reminds readers that they are part of a much larger, cosmic soul family here on Earth to help humanity at this pivotal point in history. As a gift to her readers, she offered her book “Radiant Opus” which also hit #1 the same day.

"We are living in tumultuous times. Amidst restlessness, rioting, warring, and division, SOUL FAMILY sounds a call for UNITY,” Rainey says. "SOUL FAMILY invites readers to gain greater clarity on their life purpose and mission. By recognizing the traits and characteristics of their authentic soul tribe, readers will learn how to step into their authentic truth, how to create more harmonious relationships, and how to live a more meaningful life."

Rainey’s book reminds us that we are all one and that soul family members were meant to be together. Our soul families are intended to create community filled with respect, harmony, compassion and peace for other tribe members because remembering our soul origins helps us better understand our future. She is now offering a new free 5 day workshop based on her book at www.soultriberevolutionnow.com.

“I read Rainey’s other books and even interviewed her, but she never divulged her true story up until now. I see Soul Family as a diary that goes beyond time, asking us to find ourselves in each of the categories of the Soul Family. Will we have the courage to do it? We have to!” - Claudiu Murgan

Rainey’s own journey to authenticity began over 20 years ago after graduating law school and working as a corporate attorney. With a growing sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right, Rainey left the practice of law to discover her authentic calling.

She then began a decade-long journey to discover her deeper spiritual calling which led to her training with some of the world’s leading experts in the areas of meditation, manifestation, universal principles and laws, NLP, Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga, Yin yoga, Nia, Goddess yoga, breathwork, Feng Shui, Reiki, BEMER, numerology, astrology, hypnosis, sound healing, crystal healing, conscious eating, harmonizing/energizing water, sacred geometry, grounding, energetic clearing, intention-setting, co-creation, personal development, and transformational coaching. Later, she received a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics then her Master’s Degree in Metaphysics and was honored with a Reverend designation by the Wisdom of the Heart Church.

Rainey Marie Highley founded 4Authenticity LLC in 2017 where she works as an author, life coach, and soul tribe teacher & guide, helping others gain fulfillment and clarity by discovering and connecting with their authentic soul tribe. She offers a free, comprehensive quiz on her website at www.findmysoultribe.com.

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