Sonoran Orthopaedics Resumes Elective Surgery

Leading orthopedic surgery practice in Phoenix now conducting surgeries for complex fractures after pausing for COVID-19 shut down period

Sonoran Orthopaedics Phoenix, long considered among the best orthopedic surgery practices in Phoenix, announced today that it is resuming elective surgery after pausing during the COVID-19 shut down period. The practice has long been a leader in treatment of complex fractures. These include repairing orthopedic traumas to the hip and pelvis, shoulder, elbow and wrist, knee, leg and foot.

“Patient health and safety are top priorities, so we advised patients to wait for elective procedures,” said a spokesperson for Sonoran Orthopaedics. “Now, however, we feel we can safely resume non-emergency surgeries.” While some orthopedic surgeries are elective, they are still often essential to a patient’s quality of life. For this reason, Sonoran Orthopaedics believed it was important to reopen its elective surgery practice.

The practice has long sought to realize the objective of establishing a world class center for excellence in the Scottsdale and the Phoenix metro area. Its eight practitioners work with patients on bone health issues and regenerative medicine in addition to operating on traumatic fractures. They offer evaluation and management of bone health for trauma and lifestyle conditions like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and related fractures.

Sonoran Orthopaedics has locations in Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Deer Valley, Fountain Hills, North Mountain and West Valley. Offices are open Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Its main location can be found at:
3126 N. Civic Center Plaza, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

To book an appointment, call (480) 874-2040.

About Sonoran Orthopaedics
Sonoran Orthopaedics is an orthopedic surgery practice dedicated solely to the treatment of complex fractures. Its practitioners firmly believe that orthopedic trauma is a sub-specialty that requires expertise and dedication to manage complex injuries of the Clavicle, Shoulder, Humerus (Upper Arm), Ulna (Lower Arm), Radius (Lower Arm), Pelvis, Hip, Femur (Upper Leg), Fibula (Lower Leg), Tibia (Lower Leg), Knee, Wrist, Ankle and Foot.

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