Sole Treadmill Review To End All Reviews Released on Squidoo As Debate Rages

With reviews of the recent Sole F63 varying wildly, a definitive review has researched all these and tested the product itself to offer a comprehensive insight into the product.

Fitness is a huge aspect of many people’s lives, but with work and family commitments it can often be hard to fit into the schedule, especially in busy or built up urban areas where air and noise pollution can mean that running is not an enjoyable activity. The best approach to keeping fit comfortably is the treadmill, which is easier on the joints than road running and more convenient too. The Sole F63 treadmill has proven a controversial contender for the most ubiquitous treadmill to be produced in 2013, but consumers are wondering if it lives up to either the hype or the detraction. One review is determined to find out.

The review takes the form of a multi-section blog with everything consumers might need to make a decision. The detailed review includes a video demonstration, editorialized introduction, a detailed discussion of both the pros and cons, a thorough list of features and Amazon listings to provide a guide to price and purchase options.

The final word takes into consideration the feedback the product has received from users and other reviews as well providing consumers who have resolved to buy the product advice on where to find it cheapest. The site also includes reviews for other products like the Sole f80 for those who decide they want more features than the F63 can provide.

A spokesperson for the review explained, “This review was commissioned and published to try and put an end to the debate. As a result, it is neither as glowing nor as explosive as some other reviews out there, but gives a measured and reasonable assessment of the product in a meaningful way to help consumers make the right buying choices. Ultimately the review concludes that the treadmill is a great buy for those who don’t want to spend a great deal of money but still want a lot of features. Yes, there are superior models out there, but very few of those compete in terms of bang for buck.”

About Sole Treadmill Review: Sole fitness equipment has received numerous "Best Buy" reviews and ratings year in and year out from the most reputable consumer review sites and magazines, but these differ somewhat from real user reviews. This review has been written in attempt to look at the product from all sides and create a comprehensive conclusion.

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