Sole Alley Introduces Authentic Jordans & Original High-End Footwear for Online Customers

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Premier online shoe store celebrates immense success as the ultimate resource for authentic Jordans, custom made Giant Shoe Boxes & exclusive footwear.

Sole Alley, an innovative online shoe store is reportedly not only the fastest growing footwear business for authentic Jordans among other range of products, but the website has become the go to credible source for those who prefer the very best in original high quality brands.

Seeing that conventional footwear apparel retailers have a dubious pricing model, and that too with numerous complaints from customers regarding shoes’ authenticity, Sole Alley is finally making a warm welcome. As a result, customers are beyond satisfied with the company’s impeccable services, seasonal deals and various perks that make shoe lovers come back again and again.

Sole Alley is Making Waves:

Ever since inception, Sole Alley entirely attributes its success to focusing on meeting customers’ needs. The company takes pride in featuring high-end premium footwear ranging from retro Jordans, customized furniture and modern, trendy designs in one platform. It is something that would have been otherwise inaccessible to customers at one webstore. More so, the company works hard to make sure that customers’ expectations are met, right down to the flawless shoe box condition, interior packaging and tell all details that speak up for product’s authenticity.

In addition, fans of limited series authentic Jordans, Adidas, and various other brands can choose to order a custom made giant shoe box to store multiple pairs of their favorite footwear in style. These giant shoes boxes are more than just a luxury storage utility for shoe lovers because Sole Alley creates them to fit a wide range of customers’ needs upon request.

The custom hand crafted, hand painted giant shoe box comes with various customization options, such as but not limited to glass shelf interiors, brand vinyl imprints, additional inner spacing, soft interior cushioning – Anything the customer could dream of. The trendy box is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and the company’s way of satisfying the needs of hobbyist footwear collectors.

What about Customers with Special Order Requests?

Occasionally, Sole Alley has been known to get order requests for specific shoes that are not listed on the official website. Letting down such customers would be a viable option for any other competitor, but Sole Alley prefers procuring the requested pair through all available resources.

While doing so, they strive to keep prices within an affordable range. However, shoppers are informed with a rough estimate to help them prepare for their upcoming purchase. Needless to say, this high level of customer service is a testament to the company’s solid reputation.

For all first time online visitors, Sole Alley has features a standard sales promotion campaign. The discount code: “firsttime" entitles shoppers to a 10% discount on a multitude of original authentic Jordans, premium quality Yeezys or anything that rhymes with latest fashion trends. Unlike other online retailers such as Flight Club, all the prices displayed on footwear and apparel stay uniform regardless of size variations. Do you have A very popular shoe size? Higher prices are a thing of the past.

About Sole Alley:

The Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A., based online company: Sole Alley is one of the upcoming household names among those who love authentic premium quality footwear. The business aspires to serve customers by collaborating with various popular brands to help bring a safe shopping experience to discerning customers who recognize a high-quality pair of shoes when they see one. For retro Jordans, Yeezys, Adidas and a select range of Nikes, Sole Alley has been known to help customers snag their favorite footwear any time; anywhere.

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