Software Engineer Uses Computers to Manufacture Car Audio for High End Ferraris

Replace the OEM stereo in Ferrari with a Scuderia Audio high end car audio system.

Ferrari owners worldwide now have the opportunity to revolutionize the musical experiences in their respective vehicles with Scuderia Audio’s latest innovative offerings.

Having over 20 years experience building high end car audio systems as well as being a Silicon Valley software engineer and Ferrari owner/enthusiast, Mike Niday, owner of Scuderia Audio, realized firsthand what most Ferrari owners already knew; Ferrari builds fantastic exotic sports cars, but their car stereo offerings are subpar compared with the rest of the industry. “The OEM components are basically thin plastic”, Mike discovered after purchasing an OEM stereo system from Ferrari. He constructed a new system for his personal Ferrari from scratch using top of the line components and construction materials, presented his project on a top online Ferrari Forum, and requests to build similar components started pouring in. “I had no idea there was such a great need for this!”, exclaimed Mike as he struggled to keep up with the demand. Realizing that building the components by hand was not going to result in the precision or speed required, he transferred his designs into Auto CAD computer files then started utilizing computer controlled material cutting robots to manufacture the individual pieces. “With the robotic manufacturing, there is no question, the components always fit perfectly!” says Mike as he points out the millimeter accuracy of the finished products.

What sets these offerings apart from other third party stereo equipment is the unique manufacturing process using computers. Most aftermarket enclosures are basically a glorified “shoe box” made from six pieces of wood glued together. The Scuderia Audio enclosures are constructed from no less than 15 pieces of precision cut material, all cut by a robot. The result is a unique, flowing design with both concave and convex curves that makes it obvious that the enclosure was made specifically for each particular model of Ferrari. Additionally, the Auto CAD software can ensure that each enclosure has the necessary airspace requirements to match the subwoofers installed with the system. “Ferrari owners who install these systems are absolutely amazed at the sound quality” Mike reports as the accolades continue to pour in.

Customer testimonials for the product have been extremely positive:

"I finally got the sub installed in the 458 this week. It really enhances the sound system in the car so much that the salesman will be suggesting your sub as an enhancement for the 458. We REALLY like the look and sound of it!!!"

"Just received my box today. A TRUE masterpiece!!! Man, oh man a true work of art!!!! Mike gave EXCELLENT customer service! And might I mention he is quite entertaining! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting a box from him for your Ferrari! Outstanding work and customer service!"

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