SOFARY Is Fast Growing As a Company on Mission to Provide Cost-Effective Chandeliers

Chandeliers have always been associated with big villas and luxury homes. People generally don't consider chandeliers as the part of their home lighting systems because of the high cost.

They feel that spending a fortune on chandeliers for decorating their home would be a little too extravagant.

The high costs of chandeliers are justified because of the finest materials used in their making, and also for the finest workmanship that is rare to find. These mesmerizing masterpieces are created by people with special expertise and high level artistry skills.

Another reason why chandeliers are expensive in the US is because most of the components are imported from other countries. Prices can go up even further if they come through middlemen. Storage, packaging, and maintenance of chandeliers do not come cheap either. By the time the end-product is delivered to the customers, they will have to pay through their nose.

Sofary Lighting makes it possible for people to get the finest chandeliers for their homes or commercial buildings at much fordable costs. The company is based in Seattle Washington and they offer nationwide and international shipping of best quality luxurious chandeliers.

The company was founded with the vision of making chandeliers more affordable to the end-customers. In order to make it possible, they have closely studied the entire market and supply chain for many years. With intensive research and analysis, they were able to identify the areas where the middlemen like importers, wholesalers, and distributors, took the big chunk of the profits.

With the proper marketing and outreach strategy, they started building relationships directly with designers and manufacturing companies from across the world. That allowed them to buy the best chandeliers for much lower costs, as it came to them directly from the manufacturing and designing companies.

They started saving considerably on the commissions and fees. That allowed them to offer affordable chandeliers to their customers. All this is being done without compromising on the quality of products and shipping.

Sofary offers a wide range of chandelier collections for all types of interiors like staircases, hallways, foyers, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. People can buy them directly on their website and have the products delivered to their doorsteps. They use specialized shipping and packaging to ensure safe delivery of products.

Another reason why people are turning to Sofary is because they get to customize the products before buying. Customers can make the alterations on the products to match their preferences, budgets, and needs. Not many chandelier companies give the option of personalizing the products to their customers.

People are usually hesitant to buy expensive chandeliers because of lack of guidance from the sellers. On the other hand, the dedicated customer support professionals at Sofary provide proactive assistance to the customers. Customers can call their dedicated team to ask for the guidance even before buying chandeliers. They provide the best shopping solutions to ensure a simple, affordable, and stress-free experience for their buyers.

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