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Sociology is the human social relationships, and social institutions study. Sociology uses empirical, analytical, and critical inquiry methods to understand order, problems, and societal changes. The sociology topic is very diverse, from human issues, the country's management system, beliefs, class division, culture to the society's stability or instability. Sociology studies human actions and consciousness processes under cultural and social structure influence. Determining the objects' unified operating mechanism affecting people's behavior is the aim of sociology.

Sociology is a science. But it is not a natural science because human behavior fundamentally differs from the natural world study. Sociological research interests many people, not only the sociologist community. Sociology includes not only modern societies' study but also studies of how societies are formed in important aspects. Sociological research provides people with awareness about the social behavior state because perception plays a decisive role in shaping human behavior and attitudes. Specific social situations improve understanding, give people a better chance to manipulate them and increase cultural sensitivity. That is called the flexible sociology nature.

Those who want to pursue sociology require a sensitivity to events and social issues, a passion for research, and how to apply the skills available and learned. Sociology is suitable for individuals wanting to improve society and other people's life quality. Many subjective and objective factors need to be considered to know whether a person is suitable for sociology. It is a long process.

Sociosite is an internet society's website resident. The website is designed to access various large information and resources with 24 topics around sociology. Sociosite was established in July 1996. After more than 26 years of establishment and development, Sociosite has received high credits worldwide, with more than 162 million hits since launch and reaching 20,000 hits daily.

The internet's massive and ever-changing nature makes finding information becomes difficult. Users must perform extensive searches, carefully collecting, synthesizing and filtering information. Understand that, Sociosite provides a full list of resources and detailed text as a developing foundation for the user's sociological mind. Sociosite presents resources and information important to the international sociological context. The website suggests users interesting websites related to sociology in the internet space.

Sociosite is a useful tool for users in different fields of sociological research. The founded and developed website's team continuously strives to preserve its original meaning: an accurate, general and specific information system about the social sciences. Sociosite offers only high-quality sociology resources and texts from various countries and languages. For more information in detail, please visit:

About the website: Sociosite offers 24 sociology topics, including curated resources and texts. Resources on Sociosite supporting online education and research in sociology.

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