SociConnect Could Help Online Marketers Turn Any Fanpage Into A Cutting-Edge WordPress Website With Just A Few Clicks

Getting huge authority has long been a major priority goal for most online businesses. However, marketers need to spend a great deal of money, time, and effort to gain social authority.

In order to deal with these challenges, a lot of online marketers are looking for more cost-effective methods. For this reason, a new WordPress plugin called SociConnect has been introduced recently.

SociConnect plugin is a brand new product released by Ali G that enables marketers to leverage their Facebook fanpages inside their WP blogs with just a simple click. This is a plugin that integrates two of the leading trends in online marketing such as Facebook and WordPress. SociConnect help users have their new FB posts from their fanpage appeared right on their WP website. In just one click, users can now take the content of their FB fanpages and bring it all over to any site or blog they want.

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The system can turn any fanpage into a cutting-edge WP website. Marketers can customize every single part of the layout like header logo, footer, background color, number of posts, etc. In addition, they will be allowed to maximize the advertisement campaigns by displaying banners such as Google Ads.

SociConnect WP plugin also gives users the ability to include tracking codes like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and more. They can even copy their shortcode and make this page display on their WordPress default pages and posts.

According to the creator, this product is an ideal solution for anyone doing CPA, affiliate marketing, list building and authority site building. SociConnect is a perfect choice for marketers even if they are expert or newbie. The plugin works with all kinds of website, from membership site and blog to the affiliate marketing page and the sales page.

SociConnect can support marketers to embed their fanpage content straight to a page by only adding a simple shortcode to any of their page. In this way, their visitors can see their recent posts of their fanpages directly from their WordPress website. The visitors also can like fanpage of users from their site and can comment as well. Not only that, but users can also set up their SociConnect page as their homepage if they want.

More powerful feature of SociConnect plugin can be found on their official site when clicking in here.

SociConnect is designed to be easy to use, as it only takes users a few simple steps to run the system. Users only have to copy the slug of their fanpage from the URL and then paste it inside the WP plugin. After that, they need to choose the page which they wish to build a new campaign on or they can create a new page right from here. Then, users can give the campaign a name, and if they would like to make it a homepage of their website, they can click on the checkbox, and the tool will do the rest.

Firas Alameh, an Internet marketers, shared his experience of using this product: “I like not to do anything too technical for my marketing, that’s why my Facebook fanpages are getting all my efforts these days and I’ve hired someone to maintain my sites ad it’s costing me a lot. Love how SociConnect now is saving me thousands a month as I don’t need someone else to do something I found a bit too technical and tedious, before this plugin made everything better!”

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