Social Security Pledge Directory Launched Its New Website

Social Security Pledge is a newly launched website which features a directory of Social Security offices throughout the country. The database contains more than 8,000 office locations.

Social Security Pledge has launched an informative new website and directory which helps people find information about their local Social Security office. When someone has business with any of the programs which are associated with the Social Security Administration, it may be easier to pay a visit in person to the local office. The person may be trying to learn more about programs, or to gain help in completing an application for service. Sometimes, finding the right place to go can be confusing, particularly during the first visit.

When it is time to check out the benefits which are associated with the Social Security Administration, the people who work for the program are knowledgeable about the benefits, as well as for the forms and documents which are needed to apply for the benefits. Sometimes, there are many people who are waiting for assistance, so knowing the location ahead of time will save a wasted trip in person.

The website at Social Security Pledge contains an extensive database of more than one thousand Social Security office around the country. Some cities have multiple locations, so it is important to know where an in-person visit should take place, in order to be most effective. There are additional bits of information about the office locations. For example, it can be helpful to know if the office is closed during the lunch hour.

Some of the programs which are associated with a specific office may be important to know. If certain facilities are handicapped accessible, that can be a feature which is critical to learn. The offices in smaller locations may not be open every day of the week. Others may keep lengthened hours in order to help the most people. Having the information available in a single location which can be searched easily benefits applicants who want to save time and effort when contacting the facility.

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