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SOTRADE FX is a newly developed social copy trading platform that promises to improve user experience and transparency in social trading.

SOTRADE FX is a newly developed social copy trading platform that promises to improve user experience and transparency in social trading. The brokerage firm offers the platform as an investment in forex, rather than self-trade practice. Which involved a high amount of risk for the average user. However, the platform does allow the user to have full access and control over their trading account for the experienced user for fine-tuning their trading position.

The Platform

Sotrade Fx platform is highly customizable when it comes to user preference, with wide selections of trading instruments “forex, shares, precious-metal, crude oil, and other commodities products”. Moreover, its partner liquidity provider is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The platform operates under the scheme of No Dealing Desk (NDD), which means all users trade directly with interbank with the unfiltered exchange rate. Thus, providing all users with ECN and STP (Straight Through Processing) as standard.

Social Copy Trading System comes as default when a user registered their account. But, granted that all users can always trade manually as conventional methods. Most users will opt for copy trading as an investment without trading themself.


There are two options when it comes to forex trading investment.

1. Sotrade Social Copy Trading System, which the user chooses and selects an expert trader to perform copy trading. If the trader gains profit, the same goes to the user vice versa.

2. Sotrade Asset Management, an investment package that is suitable for the long term. The package yield monthly fixed return within an agreed tenure until maturity.

Social Copy Trading

The concept of copy trading is very simple. When a user copy/follows an expert trader. The user will mimic exactly what the expert trader does, including open order, closing order down to the exact second. So when the expert earns a profit, the same goes for the user who copies them.

Strategic Asset Management

Asset Management follows the same concept as Copy Trading. However, everything is managed by a team of a fund manager that oversees the assets of the user. In return, the user received a monthly fixed return on trading profit. The user can withdraw their initial funds once the investment is matured.


There is no superiority over the two options. Copy Trading involved risk but significantly reduced by copying experienced traders. And, there is no limit to how much profit that one user can earn when comes to copy trading.

Asset Management, on the other hand, provides long terms and stable yield of profit over time without any risk involved or consistently requires the user to monitor their risk. However, the return rate is fixed compared to copy trading.

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