Soci Marketer: A Complete And Dynamic Suite Of Social Network Marketing Tools

It is well known that the hardest thing on FB is to get “social proof” that user’s posts need to be seen by the largest possible audience and Soci Marketer - a “super system created to completely solves this problem.

Soci Marketer is a cutting edge solution for marketing on FaceBook that allows its users to start automating ad campaigns on FaceBook, likes, shares and comments and "private reply messages" and start harvesting the benefits of broad audience engagement. It is the ultimate shortcut that immediately allows users to enter the whole world of Facebook where huge leads are generated and increase avenue with just a few clicks.

Let take a look at some of this software’s features:
• World's First Carousel Posting Tool that helps user post more images to invite more scrolling from visitors. It includes totally free advertising to boost users' sales ten folds.moreover; it can get free traffic to your website and increases “organic” reach. Users without any extra expense can showcase up to 5 clickable images within a single post. Also, the engagement can be increased geometrically. Users can be capable of scheduling their posts and forget them cause everything is automatic after that.

• Crossposting Features, especially in Videos, gives Pages the ability to create posts from videos without re-uploading them again. This function gives user the capacity to see total insights and a breakdown of metrics from all videos crossposted across Facebook and the multiple posts created from it.

• World's First Slide Show Posting Tool gives users’ sites the ability to create posts from their content ( Images, Video Etc.) without any hassle. This also provide users the capacity to see total insights from all content posted on Facebook.

• The Tremendous Posting Features (Image, Message, Link, Video Poster) with the abilities to show Preview before Post and is Highly customizable. Users can Schedule their campaign and forget it. Some automatic feature such as Auto like and comment, Auto share across multiple pages as well as Auto private replies to comments are the highlights of this feature. In addition, with the power of auto-sharing across other pages, its users can increase engagement of their visitor.

• The Powerful Posting Insights (Posts, Pages Video Insight) give users amazingly powerful tools to analyze their pages, posts, or video performance. Users can always check how the page is attracting viewers, how the video is viewed, and where the post engagement came from. This enables marketers to test and modify their campaigns for greater conversions

• The Dynamic PAGE Analytics And Metrics showcase ALL the essential PAGE information at users’ screens such as Page stories, people talking about this, Page impressions, Page engagement, Page reactions, Page cta clicks, Page user demographics, Page content, Pageviews, Page video views, Page post, Page post impressions, Page post engagement, Page video post, age like source and many more.

• The Dynamic POST Analytics And Metrics reveal ALL the key POST information like Post engagement, Post impressions, Post impression viral, Post impression unique, Post impression paid, Post impression paid unique, Post consumptions, Post impression fan unique, Post impression fan, , Post impression organic, , Post impression viral unique, Post fan reach, and many more.

• Awesome Video Insights And Metrics uncover ALL the key VIDEO information such as Total video views, Total video complete views, Total unique video views, Total video views auto-played, Total video views clicked to play, Total unique video complete views, Total organic video views, Total video views paid, Total paid unique video views, Total video complete views, Total video views sound on, and PLUS 20 more highly important metrics available.

Some automatic functions are also included inside Soci Marketer.

Auto like: when users submits a post (image , video, link, message, live scheduled video, live video,) on Facebook, their post will be automatically liked by all other owner’s pages.
Auto comment: if auto comment is enabled for the post, a comment will be made which is preset by owner.(auto comment can also be given by other owner’s pages)
Auto share: Users’ post will be shared across all pages of the owner or selected pages if auto share is enabled.
Auto like on comments: if auto like on comment is enabled when anyone comments on a post, then a like by the page will be given to these comments.
Auto private reply on comment: A predefined message will be sent to user inbox if auto private reply on comment is enabled when someone finish commenting on a post.

After revealing all of these features, the producer also offers some of their bonuses that help to ease the issue and to enhance user’s experience:
• Soci Targeter for FaceBook Ads
• Business Soci In-Boxer
• Soci Chat for FaceBook Pages

Contact Info:
Name: Gerald I. Smedley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Uzumaki & Assistants Corp.
Address: 1176 Lowndes Hill Park Road
Phone: 415-277-4030

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