Snoop Coin Makes Crypto A Lifestyle For The Multicultural Millennial & Gen Z Crowd

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Ain’t Nuthin’ But A $SNOOP Thang

It’s got a flavor of rap to its name, but it’s not a song: Snoop Coin is yet another meme coin that’s made a grand entrance into the crypto market amid the prolific 2021 bull run and has already, and unapologetically, gained legions of fans that back the flashy coin with the unmistakable dog-and-cigar logo. With a 21 million coin supply, the community-driven project has already attracted the attention of crypto fiends, and has secured partnerships with FMD and Drelex.

“Snoop Coin was created by the people, for the people. It's really the perfect meme coin for living a badazz lifestyle because it has actual use cases” said TJ Lee, Snoop Coin Co-Founder. “We can see a world where Snoop Coin holders pay to see their favorite artist on their World Tour using Snoop Coins. Or where they know that they can get their weed from any dispensary around the globe accepting Snoop Coins. No more snooping around to get the good stuff when you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips!”

Next up on Snoop Coin’s roadmap is the development of the Snoop Coin Tracker App, which will help $SNOOP coin holders to find out what businesses accept $SNOOPs; track dispensaries where they can not only pay in $SNOOPs but from which they can also order from directly through the app, and instantly pay for tickets to concerts, events, and gatherings that interest them. Our app will deliver a good snooping experience, that’s for sure!”

"We have a simple goal with this project. We want to simplify cryptocurrency for multicultural millennial consumers, make it cool, and make it a Lifestyle. Something that is very easy to understand. We want to bridge the gap between people who aren’t too tech-savvy and crypto technology.”

At the time of writing, Snoop Coin is available for purchase on PancakeSwap. Snoop Coin is currently running an Airdrop giveaway exclusive to the members of its Telegram community. More information about the Airdrop can be found here.

Snoop Coin developers will share news about upcoming project milestones in future communications with the press.

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Name: TJ Lee - Co-Founder
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Organization: Snoop Coin

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Name: TJ Lee - Co-Founder
Email: Send Email
Organization: Snoop Coin