Smart Member 2.0 and Dark Post Profits Bundle Deal Closing Its Door Tonight For Registration

Chris Record's Smart Member 2.0 enters its final hours. The exclusive bundle deal with Dark Post Profits will officially close tonight. Those who are interested in sign up with discount can do so by using the link below.

Smart Member 2.0 by Chris Record helps setup and manage extensive membership websites. Users will key out how Smart Member 2.0 works and how to both setup and manage limitless membership websites. It includes JV Partner Page Builder which contains great extra tool to build partner pages and easily upload email swipes, banners, ads.

Couple of years ago a new internet marketing guru Chrіѕ Record exploded on the scene, except he was a real life business guru who was moving into the internet marketing world. Chris and his team have recently developed a new cloud based platform named “Smart Member 2.0” which helps users easily setup and manage extensive membership websites. This system integrates with the main autoresponders, affiliate platforms and payment processors.

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All people need to do is just follow through the steps rendered by Chris Record and setup their membership site in a couple of minutes. When users become a member of this course, they will at once be belt along with instructional overview videos modules and a manual which contains everything users are required to know about using Smart Member 2.0 to profit.

Moreover, as users proceed further, they will key out how Smart Member 2.0 works and how to both setup and manage limitless membership websites. In addition to that, no technical experience or hosting is needed, the content is hosted for users by Smart Member 2.0. Internet marketers sure enough do not go about any kind of difficulty in using this web based system. It is simple to operate that even the beginner’s do not take on any sort of adversity in managing this program.

This internet marketing tool has been specifically launched for internet marketers who sell products via affiliates. Here, users get to create immeasurable different membership levels and publish any digital content they would want to (videos, PDFs (video transcription), audi, download (software or zip-files).

Smart Member 2.0 has over a hundred added features, including fixing every single bug Chris could find, and this is the last chance for interested customers to get access to a Lifetime Unlimited Account as part of this mega-bundle including Dark Post Profits 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, comment software, conference tickets, and more.

Access Here - Chris Record's Smart Member 2.0 Program With Dark Post Profits Bonus

Smart Member 2.0 contains a number of features for managing and supporting user’s affiliates. It consists of an Affiliate Dashboard which helps keep record of user’s affiliates stats, monitor their sales stats, contact information, Facebook profiles, product status and a lot more. In addition, it also contains JVZoo Launch Manager which is an easy to use built-in tool to automate the process of approving or disapproving user’s JVZoo affiliates.

The program contains Review Access Tools which render free accession to any partner or prospect with the click of a mouse. Furthermore, it includes JV Partner Page Builder which contains great extra tool to build partner pages and easily upload email swipes, banners, ads. Another feature, Webinars/Google Hangouts Promotions give user’s affiliates a chance to publicize their live casts/webinars and earn commissions with each buyer they refer. All users need to do is fill out a quick form, embed their code and promote their event.

Smart Member 2.0 contains a tool for managing user’s affiliates, Dynamic Leaderboards, here user’s sales and affiliate stats are automatically updated and can be shown on a dynamic affiliate leaderboard. All users need to do is pick out which information to display or which to lie low and choose to refresh results daily every 15 minutes or just manually when they come to agreement.

This tool even has the ability to group affiliates into teams (while every affiliate has its own affiliate ID). Additionally, here users get to build measureless membership sites with full-out traffic and unfettered domain names. Internet marketers are allowed to setup membership sites for their clients and charge them a setup fee and a monthly fee to manage their accounts.

There is a feature in this program “Theme and Style Settings (Banner Widget)” where users have to pick out one of the 3 theme variations and then select their preferred color combination or completely customize the colors themselves. They can also add a banner (product promotion) in the widget area.
Smart Member 2.0 is one internet marketing tool which lets first timers with zero prior skills to develop into a highly victorious marketer in the shortest time possible, Chris Record claims. He also claims that using Smart Member 2.0 will put users one step ahead of other individuals and they do not even need to be proficient in order to use this system to generate massive number of profits.

Smart Member 2.0 contains Vimeo Video Import and Syllabus Creator Feature which lets users with just one click upload a list of videos and the software will automatically create modules out of each one, using their title, description, embed code, video length and tags. Furthermore, Smart Member 2.0 comes with a Transcription and Audio Uploader. Users can use the simple uploader to add a transcription and/or mp3 audio files to their content area. The program comes with an Email and Facebook Integration feature where users can rend and split their email lists hinged on their purchases (and in case of refund, their ex-client will automatically be moved to a refund list).

Moreover, this web based software contains Easy Member Management feature which monitors members in the main dashboard and help them see which products they own, how long they have been a member, what their access level is, how many modules they have seen so far, how many times they have visited the website and a lot more.

For more information on Chris Record's Smart Member 2.0, visit the official website here:

Smart Member 2.0 contains tips and techniques which have been labeled extremely effectual and profit making by users planetary. Additionally, users саn build their list іn аnу nісhе they want. They саn uѕе this cloud based platform tо build mісrо niche ѕіtеѕ uѕіng high quality PLR content аnd video they fоund on YоuTubе, Vіmео оr аnу оthеr vіdео webѕіtе.

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