Small Businesses Offered Alternative Finance Options During The Pandemic

Memphis-based company offers alternative business loans for small companies seeking funding during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has completely changed the outlook of the business world. Primarily, it has made everyone a lot more cautious. This is especially true when considering banks and funding options. A lot of small businesses have been hung out to dry by traditional banks during the pandemic. It's almost impossible to secure a business loan, leaving companies in a very precarious situation. Thankfully, Executive Funding Financial is stepping in to help small businesses in need of a financial boost.
Alternative business loans
In the current business climate, small companies find it difficult to get an injection of capital. As a result, many businesses are closing their doors as they simply don't have the finances to keep everything afloat. Largely, this is down to traditional banks putting many roadblocks in the way. It's harder than ever for small business owners to apply for a loan and get it approved by the bank. There's too much corporate red tape, leaving the owners with limited funds to save their life's work.

Executive Funding Financial looks to offer a solution to this problem. The company is built on years of financial experience, analyzing thousands of credit reports to understand what it takes to reach a funding target. As such, small businesses can seek alternative funding options to a traditional bank loan. These loans are unsecured, meaning business owners don't have to put up their company or assets as collateral. Companies can borrow amounts up to $400,000 in funding, with the main stipulations being that they are creditworthy.
No more corporate red tape
Traditional banks go out of their way to stop small businesses from accessing money. At least, so it seems in the current economic climate. They don't want to take any risks, so small business owners have to suffer. EF2 gets rid of all the corporate red tape by ensuring the path to funding is as simple as possible.

Business owners can use the website to get a quote and see the loan rate they qualify for. It's all done without any upfront fees, meaning that business owners can back out at any time before agreeing to the loan. EF2 also hopes to protect business credit scores by limiting applications and credit inquiries. Too many companies damage their credit scores by regularly applying for bank loans, only to be rejected. This service is fast, risk-free, and ideal for a company needing capital during a pandemic.
About EF2
EF2 is a strategic financial company that helps people obtain the amount of unsecured personal or business loans they need. The business consists of expert funding consultants who have worked with many clients since the company's inception in 2007. It's an organization that looks to shake-up the funding industry and provide innovative solutions for small business owners across the country.

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